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    Division III: November Top 24

    11/30/2015, 3:00pm CST
    By NWBA

    The Division III Leadership has come out with the early season, November rankings. Did YOUR team make the early cut?

    2015 Division III November Rankings 
      1.   TIRR Hotwheels
      2.   Fayetteville Flyers
      3.   Nassau Kings
      4.   Turnstone Bandits 
      5.   Ft. Lauderdale Sharks
      6.   Delaware Destroyers
      7.   Carolina Tarwheels
      8.   MedStar NRH Punishers
      9.   Connecticut Spokebenders
    10.   Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers 
    11.   Detroit Diehards
    12.   MAPVA Rimriders
    13.   Shepherd Stealers
    14.   Music City Lightning 
    15.   Bulova Nets 
    16.   LA Hotwheels
    17.   Mobile Patriots 
    18.   Orlando Magic Wheels 
    19.   Pittsburgh Steelwheelers 
    20.   Tuscon Lobos
    21.   London Forest City Flyers
    22.   Tampa Bay Strong Dogs
    23.   Magee Spokemen
    24.   RCRC Lightning


    Championship Division: November PreSeason Top 20

    11/25/2015, 12:15pm CST
    By NWBA

    See the list of the early rankings for the Championship Division

    The Championship Division Leadership has come out with the early season, November rankings.  Where is YOUR team listed?

    1. Dallas Mavericks
    2. New York Rollin’ Knicks
    3. Milwaukee Bucks “A” 
    4. University of Arizona Wildcats 
    5. Shepherd Stealers
    6. Austin Rec’ers 
    7. Golden State Road Warriors 
    8. Bay City Thunder 
    9. Utah Wheelin’ Jazz 
    10. Mary Free Bed Pacers  
    11. San Diego Wolfpack 
    12. RIC Hornets  
    13. Sacramento Rollin’ Kings  
    14. Albuquerque Kings 
    15. Rogue Valley Scorpions    
    16. Miami Heat Wheels   
    17. Seattle Sonics 
    18. Charlottesville Cardinals
    19. Wheelchair Bucks “B” 
    20. San Antonio Spurs



    NWBA Athlete of the Week - Brian Bell

    11/25/2015, 7:30am CST
    By NWBA

    Weekly Installment featuring men's and women's Team USA players

    Brian Bell, is a Paralympic hopeful, aiming to make his first U.S. Paralympic team next year.  He has been instrumental in helping Team USA capture a World Championship silver medal in 2014 as well as the Parapan Am gold medal earned in Toronto this past August.

    In the championship game at the 2015 Parapan Ams, the U.S. men’s teams triumphed over Canada, 62-39. Bell  scored 12 points in the finals. Team USA also qualified for the Rio 2016 Paralympics at the Parapan Am Games.

    Name:         Brian Bell
    Height:         6’1”
    Classification:     4.5
    Date of Birth:     February 24, 1989
    Place of Birth:     Birmingham, Ala.
    Hometown:         Birmingham, Ala.
    Residence:         Milan, Italy
    High School:     Holtville High School, Deatsville, Ala.

    College:         University of Illinois at Champaign- Urbana
    Working towards degree in Kinesiology

    Career Highlights:     2015, Parapan Am Games, gold medal
    2014, World Wheelchair Basketball Championships, silver medal
    2013 Americans Championships, gold medal 
    2013-14 Italian League Champion
    2010- NWBA Intercollegiate National Championship, gold medal.

    Personal Background: Louvenia Bell is Brian’s mom and has a younger brother, Ian, who lives in Birmingham, Ala. Brian is married to Diane and they have two daughters, Kaylan (3 years old) and Lia (10 months old).

    Hobbies: Cooking, baking and playing video games.

    Q&A with Brian:

    NWBA: You recently represented wheelchair basketball as a Paralympic hopeful for the Road to Rio NBC promo shoot.  How was the experience?
    Brian: The trip was amazing.  I met a bunch of great people.  People like one of the U.S. women’s soccer team members and a Judo gold medalist.  It was a great mix of Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

    NWBA: Can you share a memorable moment?
    Brian: After the photo shoot was done, after a long day, a bunch of us went to dinner at the hotel.  If we saw anyone sitting alone we invited them to come join us.  It was a lot of fun.

    NWBA:  Who is your hero?
    Brian: My mom. 

    NWBA:  When did you start playing wheelchair basketball? 
    Brian: I was 12 when I saw my first game of wheelchair basketball. My mom discovered a Paralympic training center, the Lakeshore Foundation, in Birmingham, where I fell in love with wheelchair basketball after attending sports camps for children with disabilities.

    NWBA: Do you play any other sports? Did you receive any awards from other sports?
    Brian: I played middle school football.

    NWBA: What was your favorite memory of the Parapan Am games this summer?
    Brian:  Winning gold, it was great.

    NWBA: Do you play or have you ever played on an overseas wheelchair basketball team?
    Brian: I have been playing professional basketball for the past two years in Italy with the team, Briantea84.  This is my third season.

    NWBA: Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?
    Brian: I meditate and have quiet time and do positive imagining before a game.

    NWBA: Why do you play wheelchair basketball?
    Brian: I always loved the sport.  I just love the game.

    NWBA: What is your favorite basketball moment?
    Brian: My first year winning the Gold medal at the U23 World Championships in Birmingham, England.  I was 16 years old.

    NWBA: Do you have any pets?
    Brian: I have a male pitbull mix that I adopted from an animal shelter.

    NWBA: What is a short term goal?  
    Brian: To make my first Paralympic team in 2016. With my team in Italy I want to win all the Cups (Super Copa and Copa Italia) and the league championship this season.  

    NWBA:  What are your long term goals?
    Brian: I would like to earn my degree in Kinesiology and would like to coach basketball and become a personal trainer.

    NWBA: What is a fun fact you want to share?
    Brian: I used to draw when I was younger.

    NWBA: How are you spending this Thanksgiving?
    Brian: With my family and with my friend and fellow U.S. teammate, Jared Arambula, who is also playing for a nearby team here in Italy.

    Photo credit: Joe Kusumoto

    Photo link from the North Carolina Winter Classic

    11/18/2015, 7:45pm CST
    By NWBA

    Great work from Amory Anderson Photography & Wendy Yang Photography

    Follow the link below for fantastic photos from the recent North Carolina Winter Classic tournament held in Charlotte.  

    Amory Anderson Photography and Wendy Yang Photography did a great job catching the spirit of the games. 

    USOC/NWBA Approved Selection Procedures available here

    The National Wheelchair Basketball Association is proud to post the recently approved Athlete Selection Procedures - 2016 Paralympic Games, Wheelchair Basketball Men & Women.

    Both USA teams will use these procedures to guide the staff through the upcoming 2016 USA National Team Selection camps.

    Athlete invitations to the 2016 USA National Team Selection camps will be distributed by the NWBA National Office shortly.

    The Men's Selection Camp will be held January 2-7, 2016 at the Olympic Training Center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    The Women's Selection Camp will be held January 3-7, 2016 at the Lakeshore Foundation facility located in Birmingham, Alabama.

    All athletes invited to the Selection Camps will be responsible for their own transportation to the facility or local airport.  Local transportation from the either the COS or BHM airports will be provided.  Once on campus the USA National team will cover expenses related to lodging and meals.

    Great story about the Southwest Jr. Rollin Lobos - Watch the video

    Follow the link below for a great story and video showcasing members of the Southwest Jr. Rollin Lobos.

    KRQE NEWS 13 with Dustyn Deerman

    Dr. Timothy Nugent passes - Founder of the NWBA

    11/12/2015, 12:15pm CST
    By NWBA

    The Founder of the NWBA Dr. Timothy Nugent dies at 92

    Dr. Timothy Nugent, who is best known as the “Father of Accessibility” and who founded the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, died at the age of 92 on Wednesday, Nov. 11. He was a life-long ambassador for the NWBA and a major contributor to those with disabilities. 

    Dr. Nugent created the first comprehensive program of higher education for individuals with disabilities at the University of Illinois and started the Gizz Kids, the original collegiate wheelchair basketball team. Also in 1948, he organized the first National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, and later that year founded the NWBA to provide a year-round structure to wheelchair basketball. 

    Always a visionary Dr. Nugent expanded wheelchair basketball beyond the VA hospitals to bring structure to the sport and create worldwide adoption and acceptance for wheelchair basketball. That acceptance has seen the sport grow into one that is now competed on the program of the the Paralympic Games and Parapan Am Games, and which has been enjoyed by millions of people. As the first Commissioner of the NWBA, a post he held for 25 years, he modified the rules of the game to make them more similar to able-bodied basketball making it easier for the fans to follow. He was inducted into the Wheelchair Basketball Hall of Fame in 1973. 

    “It is with profound sadness that we have learned of the death of Dr. Timothy Nugent, the founder of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association,” said Sarah Castle, President of the NWBA. “On behalf of all of the members and those associated with Wheelchair Basketball, I want to convey our deepest condolences to Dr. Nugent’s family.” 

    From a young age, sports played a very important role in his life. Sports helped him get through the Great Depression and it afforded him many opportunities.  He played and coached basketball, and this is where he started to get the inspiration to have the same opportunities in sport for everyone regardless of their physical limitations. 

    He helped transform the lives of many through the power of adaptive sports, and was involved in the creation of other wheelchair sports including football, track and field, archery, and square dancing. 

    “Dr. Nugent dedicated his life to helping others and through his efforts he created many opportunities for individuals with disabilities,” said Castle. “We are thankful for his vision that ultimately touched so many lives on and off the basketball courts. His legacy with the National Wheelchair Basketball Association is remarkable. He has touched so many great athletes, coaches, officials and leaders. My life is richer for all of his contributions as are those of countless other athletes and we will cherish all you have done for those with disabilities. You will always be fondly remembered in the wheelchair basketball community.”

    He focused on the ability in disability. Most notably, Nugent was a leader in the development of architectural accessibility standards, public transportation, adaptive equipment, and recreational activities for people with disabilities.  

    He served as Professor of Rehabilitation Education and Director of the Rehabilitation Education Center and the Division of Rehabilitation Education Services at the University of Illinois, until retirement in 1985. He founded Delta Sigma Omicron, a national rehabilitations service fraternity.  He served as President of the National Paraplegia Foundation (now the National Spinal Cord Injury Association) for four terms. 

    He held degrees from Tarleton State University; University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse; and the University of Wisconsin.  He also has honorary degrees from Springfield College in Massachusetts and Mount Mary College in Wisconsin.

    Timothy J. Nugent 
    January 10, 1923 - November 11, 2015

    Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you’ll be surprised by how much you learned along the way and how much further you can see. And then you keep going, keep going.”

    Dr. Timothy Nugent

    Photos courtesy of UI News Bureau: L. Brian Stauffer and Marvin Young Photography

    2015 Courage Kenny Classic Tournament Recap

    11/12/2015, 10:00am CST
    By Cara Culbronson - Tournament Director

    2015 Courage Kenny Classic Tournament Recap
    Tournament Director: Cara Gulbronson 612-775-2278

    The 2015 Courage Kenny Classic served as the 2015 NWBA Junior Division Northern Regional Qualifying Tournament for National Tournament that is held in Louisville, KY April 7-10, 2016. The Dallas Jr Mavericks and the Jr Rolling Timberwolves received these automatic bids this year. The Dallas Jr Mavericks beat out the Jr Rolling Timberwolves 54-48 and the Milwaukee Bucks beat out the Rolling Rowdies 34 to 22 to win the varsity and prep championships this year. 

    Prep All-Tournament Team:
    •    Kaiden McCormick – Nebraska
    •    Edgar Morales – Minnesota
    •    Travis Beckler – Milwaukee 
    •    Jack Binsfeld – Minnesota
    •    Justas Emery – Minnesota
    •    Rita Ottenheimer – Milwaukee
    •    Andrei Serafin – Minnesota
    •    Suzanne Shoemaker – Nebraska 
    •    Caleb Nilius – Nebraska
    •    Gianni Quintero – Milwaukee
    Male MVP – Nick Deyo – Minnesota
    Female MVP – Moira Paulus – Milwaukee 

    Varsity All-Tournament Team:
    •    Collin Evans – Minnesota
    •    Ryan Glatchak – Chicago
    •    Zach Steger – Dallas
    •    Jonathan Laing – Minnesota
    •    Josie Dehart – Denver
    •    Abbie Farrell – Denver
    •    Jordan Lee – Dallas
    •    Holden Kowalke – Minnesota
    •    Drew Selz – Milwaukee
    •    Jayson Gorton – Minnesota
    Male MVP – Tyler Buysse – Dallas
    Female MVP – Emily Oberst – Milwaukee 

    Terry Hanson Award
    This award is given to an athlete in their final year of participating in the Junior Division who demonstrates leadership, dedication and excellence to wheelchair sports. 
    •    Jonathan Laing – Minnesota 12 years of participation

    1.    Milwaukee Jr Bucks
    2.    Courage Rolling Rowdies
    3.    Nebraska Red Dawgs
    1.    Dallas Jr Mavericks
    2.    Courage Jr Rolling Timberwolves
    3.    Milwaukee Jr Bucks 
    4.    Synergy Jr Bulls
    5.    Nebraska Red Dawgs
    6.    Denver Rollin Nuggets
    7.    Mad City Badgers
    8.    Courage Jr Rolling Gophers 

    A thank you is deserved by all of the tournament supporters and sponsors, without your support this tournament would not have been possible. Special thanks to Coloplast, ABRA Auto Body and Glass, Hastings High School, and Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. 128 Volunteers were utilized throughout the weekend and donated over 375 hours. Thank you to the sports and recreation and volunteer services staff who have been incredible in the planning and executing of this tournament. 

    Media Coverage: Aired at 10:30 on Saturday, November 7th Aired at 6:30am on Sunday, November 8th

    Facebook Coverage: 



    T-Mobile joins forces with the NWBA

    11/05/2015, 9:00am CST
    By NWBA & T-Mobile

    T-Mobile signs as sponsor with the National Wheelchair Basketball Association

    The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) today announced T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) has become an official sponsor of the organization. The Un-carrier will sponsor the National Tournament and T-Mobile employees will be able to volunteer at NWBA events at the local and national level across the country. 

    The NWBA will work with conference and division leaders across the country to maximize T-Mobile’s sponsorship deliverables and ensure that T-Mobile is integrated into the new season leading into the National Tournament in Louisville, Ky., April 7-10, 2016.

    T-Mobile is working to change wireless for the better and the company is also working to change communities for the better as well. T-Mobile supports several community programs and partners across the United States that mobilize for social good. 

    “We are committed to aligning with companies like T-Mobile that value and recognize the potential of the wheelchair basketball community. Having T-Mobile as a sponsor will help grow our pool of volunteers across the country.” said Jim Scherr, NWBA Executive Director.

    Power Poll Results - New website

    The voting has closed on the NWBA Power Poll - What do you think of the new NWBA website?  Here are the results:

    55% - WAY BETTER!

    16% - Somewhat better

    17% - Pretty much the same

    2% - Previous website was better

    10% - Why did you change it, I don't like this.

    Play Positive Poll

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