Contact information for the National Wheelchair Basketball Association
National Wheelchair Basketball Association
1130 Elkton St., Suite C
Colorado Springs, CO 80907, USA
Phone: 719.266.4082
Fax: 719.266.4876


2013-14 NWBA Team Directory


National Office Staff
Executive Director: Randy Schubert, extension 101
Program Director: Sherrice Fox, extension 102
Organizational Coordinator: Jeanine LaSage, extension 103
Development Director: Amy Lawicki, extension 106
Administrative Assistant: Morgan Thompson, extension 100
NWBA Intern, Jason Gonzales, extension 105


You're always welcome to contact us through some of the addresses below. We will do our best to reply to your message within three business days.


Sarah Castle


Board of Directors
Curtis Lease
Gary Venjohn
Pat McCoy
Bruce Fischbach
Lee Montgomery


If you need further contact information by Division for the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, please see below. We will do our best to reply to your message within three business days.


Collegiate Division – Jon Burford
Championship DivisionBuddy Barnes
Division IIIBuddy Barnes
Junior Division Representative - Doug Garner
Women's Division Representative - Leah Gray
High Performance Director - Dan Humphreys
USA Wheelchair Basketbal Men's Head Coach
Ron Lykins
USA Wheelchair Basketball Women's Head CoachStephanie Wheeler
Head of Classification- Jayne Chilutti


Hall of Fame Committee
Committee Chair- Frank Burns
Tim Nugent 
Susie Grimes
Susan Hagel
Marv Lapicola
Bob Szyman
Paul Jackson
Stan Kosloski
George Veenstra
Tip Thiboutot


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