Team registration is now open, and there are several important updates that you need to be aware of. Team registration will run from August 15-September 30. This FAQ should assist you with any questions you have pertaining to team registration.

Begin registering your team(s) by clicking HERE.

If you have any additional questions concerning registration, please do not hesitate to contact the NWBA National Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 719-266-4082.

**Important New Policy - Background Checks:

For those who did not receive the July Newsletter, please note that any staff person on the roster of a Junior Division team that is 18 or older must complete a background check. This includes: head coaches, assistant coaches, team reps, statisticians, trainers, etc. Please click HERE for the form. The fee will be $21.95 per person. There are a few counties that have mandatory fees that will be added to certain registrations. There are a very small number of counties that will require additional fees.

**Important New Policy - NWBA Exam for Coaches:

It is our goal to provide better resources, support and development for all NWBA coaches. Over the next couple of seasons you will begin to notice additional resources concerning coaching development and certification. Beginning with the 2013-14 NWBA season, all head coaches will be required to take and pass the 2013 NWBA rules exam. This is not the exam given to officials, but a 20-25 question, online, open-book exam on the rules of the NWBA. You may allow assistant coaches and additional staff members to take this exam, however it is required that at least the head coach of every team submit an exam before their season begins. Links to the official exam and the NWBA Rule Book will be available for head coaches at a later date. Emails will be sent out and information will be posted on our website.




What is the registration period?

                Registration for the 2013-2014 Season is August 15-September 30, 2013.

How do I know what my username and password are?

                If you are an existing team…

Your team representative should acquire your registration username and password via email on August 15, the morning registration opens. If you do not receive your username/password, please contact us at the National Office --- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (719)266-4082.

If you are a new team …

                On the sign-in page, please create a new account (on the right-hand side of the screen).

Who needs to complete the registration process?

                The team representative will complete the registration process, with access to: input team players/staff on the roster for a new team; and add, edit, or remove players/staff for an existing team.

Who is the team representative?

Each team needs to have a team representative. The contact information for the team representative registered will be used in the NWBA 2013-14 Team Directory. He or she will be the primary line of communication between the NWBA National Office and the team registered.

If the team representative is also a player on the team, he/she also needs to enter his/her contact information in Section 3: Players and Team Contacts.

Where can I find the team directory?

The team directory is available to download online at www.nwba.org. Locate the 2012-2013 NWBA team directory HERE. The 2013-2014 team directory will be available after the conclusion of registration, around mid- October.

If my team was registered during the 2012-13 season and is already in the NWBA database, do I have to re-enter all of our team information when I register?

                No. If your team’s information is currently in our database, you will automatically receive a username/password for your team. By signing into the registration database with that username/password, your team contacts and roster will automatically appear. In order to complete the registration process, go through and double-check and update any team information/fill in any required fields that are blank, and then proceed to check out.

**Note: Last year’s team information was automatically populated for this year’s season; if you are experiencing problems with incorrect players being listed on your roster, please contact the National Office.


I am a Division III team and I have already submitted my “Intent to Compete in Division III” form. Do I still need to register?

Yes, all teams need to register electronically with the NWBA. Your intent form does not replace your online team registration. Teams will be notified and information will be put out at a later date on the status of your Division III intent request.

What are the fees associated with registration? Are there any additional fees for my division or conference?

The registration fee for the 2013-2014 season is $375 per team. In addition to the $375, Division III fees are $50 per team and Women’s Division fees are $200 per team. For conference division fees please contact your conference commissioner.

How can I pay for my team’s registration?

You registration will not be complete until you checkout and pay for your team(s). After adding your team(s) and completing all player/contact information, go to the Checkout tab. You will have the option to pay for your team’s registration on the site by credit card. Or you may select the “Check” payment option, to indicate that you prefer to pay via check.

If paying by check, please make sure you include on the check the reference code sent to you via your registration email confirmation. Please make checks payable to: NWBA. Please mail checks to:


ATTN: Team Registration

1130 Elkton Drive, Suite C

Colorado Springs, CO, 80907

**Once we receive your check, we will send you a payment confirmation email.

What if I have more than one team? Can I register and pay for them at once?

                Yes. If you are the team representative for more than one team, you can manage all of your teams’ registrations in one place. After completing and saving Section 1: Team Representative, you will then be taken to Section 2: Team Registration. After creating and saving a team, you will automatically be taken to Section 3: Players and Team Contacts. After adding players to that team, at any time you can return to Section 2: Team Registration, and click “Add,” to add another team. From that point on, if you have more than one team in the system, to add or edit players for a specific team, you will go to Section 2: Team Registration, click on the team you wish to edit, and then when you click Section 3: Players and Team Contacts, the roster for that team will appear.

                If you register more than one team, complete Sections 1-3 for all teams you wish to add, and then when you do the final step, Checkout, you will be able to pay for all teams in the system. If you wish to pay separately for teams registered, you can complete the entire registration process (Sections 1-3), then Checkout that team. After checking out one team, you can then go back to Section 2: Team Registration, click Add+ to add an additional team, complete Section 3 for that team, and when you Checkout you can pay separately. The same applies if you decide to add any additional teams at any point before registration ends on September 30, 2013. You will receive an invoice via email each time you submit a payment.

How do I request an invoice?

                Upon completing payment in the registration database, the team representative will automatically be emailed an invoice confirming payment for all teams registered.

How do I apply for insurance?

Click HERE for the link to the Certificate of Insurance form – located under Forms on our website.

What if I need to make changes to my team after I’ve already completed registration?

                If you have already registered for the 2013-14 Season and would like to…

Edit your roster...

Find the REGISTRATION tab at the top left, and select TEAM WITH ROSTER INFORMATION. Edit any players/staff members/team information. Once updated, select SAVE. Once finished with edits, in order for updates to be saved in our database, YOU MUST SELECT the CHECKOUT tab, then select UPDATE ROSTER button in place of payment.

View/Print your roster...

Find the REGISTRATION tab at the top left, and under MANAGE MY ACCOUNT, select MY TEAM ROSTER.

**NOTE: If your roster does not come up, double-check that you have assigned a role to each team member. Your players must be designated as PLAYERS in the team role drop down box. If they are not, they will not appear on the roster.

What if I need to add or remove a player/staff member from the roster?

                If you are a returning team, and need to delete a player/staff member from your roster, after selecting the team you would like to make changes to from Tab 2: Team Registration, you can then select Tab 3: Players and Team Contacts. Here you will find a list of all players/team contacts for the selected team. If you would like to add a player/contact, select the ADD+ button on the top left. If you would like to drop a player/contact, on the right side of the team list, you may select the RED X beside the person you are dropping. You will then be asked, “are you sure you want to delete this record?” Click delete. **Note, by deleting the player, you are deleting them from your visible roster. However, should you need that person’s contact information in the future, we will still have access to it in our database. Should you need that information in the future, contact us at the NWBA National Office --- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (719)266-4082.

What is the deadline to add a player to my roster?

For all Championship, Division III and Women’s Division teams, the last day to add a returning player is December 31st. Junior Division teams cannot make changes to their roster after January 15th. If you have a novice player, they can be added at any time during the season.

A new player has moved to my area. What do I need to do to put him on my roster?

Any player transferring to your team will need to fill out the transfer form. You will also need to provide proof of residency at the new address for the athlete. Click HERE for the transfer form.