Gail Gaeng

W Gail Gaeng 6


     Name: Gail Gaeng
     Hometown: Frederick, MD
     Age: 21
     Functional Classification: 3.5
     Position: Point or Shooting Guard
     Number: I’m hoping for #8 after Cal Ripken
     Years playing: Since I was 13

     Superstitions: I always stretch my legs before games and
     jam out when I do it.

     Favorite pre-game song: “I Want to Dance with Somebody”
     by Whitney Houston—I have to go back to the original diva!

     Favorite athlete: In wheelchair basketball, my favorite player
     was Carlee Hoffman because she always killed it and looked
     good doing it. My other favorite athlete is the one and only



     Team USA Experience prior to 2014:
     Member of the 2013 USA Developmental Team

     Alternate for the 2010 World Championships
     Alternate for the 2012 Paralympics
     U25 USA Gold Medalist at World Championships
     First Team All-American in the College Division

     Qualified for the History Bee in 5th Grade!


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