Our Mission


In our pursuit of excellence, the National Wheelchair Basketball Association provides qualified individuals with physical disabilities the opportunity to play, learn and compete in the sport of wheelchair basketball.

Vision Statement

NWBA is the model sport governing body—we lead, we inspire, we win

Core Values

NWBA's core values will guide us in achieving our vision and mission.

  • We value unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the organization.
  • We strive for excellence with integrity and respect.
  • We recognize our rich tradition as a solid foundation.
  • We celebrate the development of our members and our community.
  • We believe in the pursuit of competitive excellence always

Strategic Goals

Fiscal Management
Create a fiscally stable environment and make sound fiscal decisions.

Governance Excellence
Establish governance best practices.

Administrative Excellence
Create a professional, effective and efficient management structure and environment.

Communication Excellence
Improve communication with all NWBA constituencies.

National Competitive Excellence
Develop players, coaches and clubs.

International Competitive Excellence
Achieve and maintain a top 3 world ranking on both the men's and women's senior level. Achieve and maintain the top overall world ranking on the junior (U23) level.

Resource Development
Increase, identify and acquire diversified revenue streams.

Respect for Tradition
Foster, celebrate and add to NWBA tradition.

Compliance (External and Internal)
Create a comprehensive compliance and monitoring program that promotes knowledge of and adherence to USOC, IWBF, state and federal and other applicable agencies' rules/laws.