The NWBA has moved to the 8 point functional system.  We are currently recertifying classifiers that are current NWBA Functional Classifiers.  If you are interested in becoming a classifier you must possess the following characteristics and qualities:

  1. Have good to excellent knowledge of wheelchair basketball
  2. Have an excellent attention span of greater than 4 hours
  3. Pay good attention to detail
  4. Have great follow up with tasks and documentations
  5. Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  6. Must have excellent organizational skills
  7. Must possess great teamwork skills
  8. Must have a background in Health Sciences, Physical Education, Therapy and/or 6 years of experience involved in wheelchair basketball
  9. Must be able to obtain a letter of recommendation from at least 2 NWBA teams/programs
  10. Must have basic computer and internet skills

If you possess these qualities and are interested please click HERE.