Coaches Exam Certification


It is our goal to provide better resources, support and development of all NWBA coaches.  Over the next couple of seasons you will begin to notice additional resources concerning coaching development and certification.  Beginning with the 2013-14 NWBA season all head coaches will be required to take and pass the 2013 NWBA rules exam.  This is not the exam given to officials, but a 20-25 online open book question exam on the rules of the NWBA.  In future seasons it is our goal to provide all coaches (head and assistant) the opportunity for coaching certifications.  This will include age specific certifications in coaching and certifications focused on wheelchair basketball.  Information on additional coaching certifications will be available closer to the 2014-15 season.


Taking this exam is mandatory for all head coaches, however anyone on your staff may take the exam.  Click HERE for  pdf copy of the Rule Book.  Click HERE to take the exam.  You will need to use access code coachexam13 to take the test.  You will receive the graded exam after you submit your information.  Each team will receive 1 hard copy rule book this year with their registration.  Additional details on purchasing rule books will be available at a later date.  All exams should be completed by November 22, 2013.



NWBA Junior Coaches Background Check


This season ALL coaches, team representatives, trainers and support staff members listed on a junior division roster MUST complete and pass a background check with the NWBA.  This includes anyone that will sit on your bench during practices and games. The background checks must be completed through NCSI to be eligible to be on a junior roster as a coach or staff member.  No adult will be allowed to sit on the bench during a game without passing a background check through the NWBA.  The cost of the background checks will be $21.25 and will be good for 3 years with the NWBA.  No other forms of background checks will be accepted.  Click HERE for information on how to complete your background check.  Background checks should be completed before a staff member sits on the team bench and before November 22, 2013.  To view the NWBA Background Check Policy click HERE.



How to Start a New Team and FAQ's

The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) is always looking for new players and teams to join one of our six junior or adult divisions. If you are interested in learning more about establishing a new team or finding an existing one in your area, please contact Program Director, Sherrice Fox at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (719) 266-4082. CLICK HERE for some frequently asked questions and answers to assist you with getting your team started.


Junior Division Coaching Code of Ethics

 The mission of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) junior division is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of wheelchair basketball.  The junior division executive committee has adopted the Coach’s Code of Ethics as a set of principles to guide the coach’s conduct in situations that have ethical implications. CLICK HERE to view the Coaching Ethics Code



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