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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should register my team?

A member of the team normally referred to as the team representative will need to register the team by completing a team roster and paying the team registration fee. The roster can be accessed from the NWBA website. The team representative must complete information on each participating player including first and last name, age, birth date, email address, classification and home, work, and cell numbers. The roster should indicate the head coach and/or team representative. 
Head Coach is the person in charge of the team. They will represent the team during competition. The head coach can also be a player. The Team Representative is in charge of assisting the head coach and making sure the team has all paperwork turned in on time. The team representative will be the main contact person for the NWBA, and must be readily available. The team representative will serve as the manager and representative of the team. The team representative can also be a player.

Is there a cost for registering a team?

There is an annual registration fee.

Does a game or competition count if I have not registered?

No. You must register in order to allow games and competitions to count for your team and the opposing team.

How many players do I need to compete?

In order to begin a game you need at least 5 players.

How do I contact other teams or schedule a game in the area?

You will have an option to join a conference in your area to assist in scheduling games. If you would like to be an independent team you can use the NWBA Tournament Directory to find tournaments for your team or the contact list for teams in your area to schedule games. There may be a minimal fee to be a member of a conference. You may be required to play all teams in your respective conference or in mandatory conference tournaments. Checking with the NWBA website,, will show up to date information on NWBA sanctioned tournaments. For any further information on contacting other teams or different conference tournaments in the NWBA, contact Brandon McBeain.

What are the age requirements for each division?

Junior Division
  • Prep – 13 and under at the start of the season
  • Varsity - 21 and under AND still enrolled in a recognized high school
All other Divisions
  • As appropriate for physical and psychological maturity

What forms do my players need to fill out?

Junior players that are high school juniors and seniors must fill out a high school verification form each season. Some junior players may be required to fill out a minimal disability form and/or prep exemption form.
If you have players transferring to your team from another team they will need to fill out an NWBA transfer form.

What forms do I need to fill out as a coach?

All junior division team staff members must have a completed background check on file with the NWBA to be eligible for coaching. All teams interested in playing in Division III must fill out the intent to compete in Division III form and submit it to Buddy Barnes, Division III commissioner by August 15th each year.

How long does the NWBA season last?

The NWBA season begins in October and lasts through the National Championships which can occur anytime beginning in late March through mid- April.
Do I need to have my players classified in order to compete? How do I get my players classified?
The NWBA has recently transitioned to the functional classification system. All adult teams need to classify their athletes. Initially a classifier is not necessary to classify your team. Please see the NWBA website for information on becoming a team reviewer for your team. Additional information on this system will be available at a later date on the NWBA website. Contact  Jayne Chilutti Head of Classification for additional details. The Junior Division does not play under a classification system.

Are women allowed to roster and participate on men’s teams?

Women may roster and participate on a men’s team one class level below their actual classification level. No player shall drop below the Class I level.

What are the wheelchair regulations?

  • The height of the seat rail must be no more than 21 inches. Measurement must be made from ground or court to the top of the seat rail bar (highest point) with the player in the chair
  • The part of the footrest or roll bar that projects forward the farthest and which would be the first point of contact with another wheelchair in head-on contact must be at a height of no more than five inches from the ground
  • A strap must be attached firmly and drawn taut to the telescope bar of the foot rest platform. This strap shall measure no less than one and one-half inches in width and the bottom of the strap should be drawn taut so that a foot may not be used as a brake
  • Use of a cushion is condoned, being of a common understanding that it is for therapeutic reason specifically. As such, it shall be composed of any therapeutic material as made by popular manufacturers, and shall not exceed four inches at its highest point (thickness) for Class I and II players, and no more than two inches at its highest point (thickness) for Class III players. Pneumatic cushions and contoured cushions are permissible providing they are commercially manufactured for therapeutic use and do not exceed thickness restrictions (above).Cushions composed of non-therapeutic materials, such as hard (non-pliable) rubber, wood, or other solid composition, shall not be acceptable. In all situations, the decision of the officials shall be final.
  • Each chair must be equipped with a roll bar, or the foot platforms must be adequately covered on their undersides to insure against damage to the playing surface
  • The footrest must have rounded or smooth corners. Door bumpers, knobs, projections of folding footrest, or other projection from the body of the footrest, which may readily become entangled in the wheels and/ or spokes of another chair, or used to hook and/ or hold an opponent, shall not be allowed.
  • Any chair equipped with either a horizontal bar behind the backrest or push handles extending to the rear, must have these areas sufficiently padded so as to prevent injury to another player
  • When the chair is in the forward driving position the chair is permitted to have anti-tip casters attached to the underside or rear of the chair. The lowest point of the anti-tip caster cannot exceed 1” from the floor nor can any part of the anti-tip caster project from the chair rearward so that it would extend past any part of the rear wheels.

What court size can games be played on?

A regular court surface must be free from obstructions with minimum dimensions of 84 feet (25.6m) in length and 50 feet (15.24m) in width.
What equipment will our team need?
The team is responsible for its own equipment. The necessary equipment includes one MikasaMoltn game ball and a wheelchair. Players can play in basketball wheelchairs or everyday wheelchairs but the chairs must adhere to NWBA chair guidelines. This information is available in the NWBA rulebook which is available for download on the NWBA website. Each team must have matching jerseys or t-shirts with visible numbers on them. It is recommended that each team have a light and a dark jersey in case of conflict with another team.
Which division should I register for?
  • Prep Division – 13 and under at the start of the season
  • Junior 10’ Division - Youth ages under 21 AND still attending a recognized high school
  • Division I - Formerly known as Championship Division. Allows the elite level and experienced individuals and teams to play at the highest level competition.
  • Division II - Allows the experienced and more developed players and teams to play mid-level competition.  
  • Division III - Allows newer players and newer or lesser developed teams the ability to play at a developmental or recreational level.
  • Women’s Division- Women of all ages and skill levels are welcome to compete
  • Intercollegiate Division- Teams affiliated with a college athletic program. The teams and athletes must meet certain guidelines to be eligible. Contact the Intercollegiate Division commissioner for additional information.
When is team registration?
Teams must be registered online and paid during the team registration session. All Division III teams (new and returning) must submit a team roster, budget and intent to compete in DIII form to the Division III Commissioner no later than August 15th.
When is athlete registration?
Athletes must  register online between the individual registration session.
Will my team have insurance through the NWBA?
All teams that are registered and paid are eligible to access our insurance. Our insurance does not provide medical coverage for individuals.
What size basketballs do I need?
The women’s division and prep division use a regulation women’s basketball. The Adult Divisions, Intercollegiate Division and Junior 10’ Division use a regulation men’s ball. The NWBA is sponsored by Molten using the BGL6X as the women’s ball and the BGL7X as the men’s ball. Balls can be purchased through Molten at a discounted rate per ball. 
How do I register my team?
You can register your team by clicking the Team Registration Link at Before registering please be sure to have the following information for your staff and athletes:
Basic Contact Information:
  • Name
  • Email Address (Must be actual email address for players or parent of player for juniors. Coaches email addresses for players will not be accepted)
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • T-Shirt/Polo Size
  • Classification (Adult divisions only)
  • Team Website (If applicable)
  • Team Logo (If applicable)
  • Conference Affiliation
  • NWBA Directory Contact Information
You must be able to answer the following questions for each player and staff member:
  • Are you a military veteran?
  • How many years have you been playing wheelchair basketball?
  • What is your disability?
  • Do you play or coach on any additional teams?
Below is not required to complete the registration process but must be added this season.
When does registration begin and end?
Team registration will be open during August of each year.  Athlete registration will be open September and October of each year.
How do I update my roster?
You will be given a username and password to access your team roster to update information. You can find the link to manage your team roster on the NWBA website.
What information do I need to host a tournament?
The NWBA has a process for submitting tournament sanction forms. This form can be found on the NWBA website or by contacting Brandon McBeain. Teams must submit their tournament information 90 days prior to the start of the event to be approved and published in our newsletters and posted on our website and social media sites. You can fill out a sanction form HERE.

Brandon McBeain

Director of Membership Services and Programs

Phone: (719) 266-4082 ext. 108