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Team of Month

Women's Division Nominees

WFS Team Liberty of Brooklyn, New York

          Record (W-L): 1-0

Chapter 126 CT Rolling Sun of Bristol, Connecticut

          Record (W-L): 1-2

Arizona Storm of Tucson, Arizona

          Record (W-L): 0-1

Adult Division I Nominees

NMCSD Wolf Pack of San Diego, California 

            Record: 5-0

Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks of Arlington, Texas


University of Arizona of Tucson, Arizona 

             Record (W-L): 1-0


Adult Division II Nominees

Charlottesville Cardinals of Charlottesville, Virginia

           -2017 Preseason NIT, third place

Fort Lauderdale Sharks of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

          -2017 Preseason NIT, fourth place

Charlotte Rollin' Hornets of Cornelius, North Carolina 

          -2017 Preseason NIT, second place

Nassau Kings of Elmont, New York

          -2017 Preseason NIT, first place

Adult Division III Nominees

Spartansburg Pistons of Forest City, North Carolina

           - 2017 Preseason NIT, third place

Virginia Sunwheelers of Virginia Beach, Virginia 

            -2017 Preseason NIT, fourth place

RCRC Lightning of Columbia, South Carolina 

            -2017 Preseason NIT, first place

Pittsburgh SteelWheelers of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

            -2017 Preseason NIT, second place

Intercollegiate Division Nominees

University of Missouri of Columbia, Missouri

University of Texas Arlington (UTA) Movin Mavs of Arlington, Texas

Auburn Unversity Tigers of Auburn, Alabama

Junior Varsity Division Nominees

Dallas Jr. Wheelchair Mavericks of Dallas, Texas

           Record (W-L): 4-2

            After the team placed 3rd at last years National Tournament, the team graduated three starts. This year they placed 2nd

            in their first tournament, right behind the Houston Hotwheels

Courage Kenny Jr. Rolling Timberwolves of Minneapolis, Minnesota

           -2017 Preseason NIT, third place

Fairfax Falcons of Fairfax, Virginia 

           -2017 Preseason NIT, fourth place 

TIRR Memorial Herman Jr. Hotwheels of Houston, Texas.

           -2017 Preseason NIT, second place 

RHI Racers of Indianapolis, Indiana 

           -2017 Preseason NIT, second place


Team of the Month

The purpose of this program is to give recognition to NWBA teams across all divisions. The winners of the NWBA Team of the Month awards will receive “Team of the Month” plaque s with NWBA media recognition.

The program is run from October to April. Nominations are due the first Monday of each month for the prior month’s awards. For example, November’s nominations are due Monday, December 4th. All applications are due no later than 12:00 p.m. Mountain.

NWBA Team of the Month nominations are open to the public and submitted via the NWBA Team of the Month Nomination Form found at the bottom of this page.

Nominations should be sent to Kimberly Kasper at

Deadlines for nominations:

October 30;

December 4;

January 2;

February 5;

March 5; and

April 2;

How does this work? Once the nominations are received, all nominees will be posted on the NWBA Website’s new page “Player of the Month,” which is under the Leagues tab. The NWBA will post a story on the NWBA website and utilize the NWBA social networks to promote the week-long voting period, which will be done online. Individuals may promote the Athlete of the Month page to their peers as well across an athlete’s social channels.

Once the voting has concluded, the winners will be announced on the NWBA website. Each month, if nominations are received, the NWBA will recognize the following team divisions:

Junior Division: One Varsity team and one Prep team

Intercollegiate Division: One team (either men's or women's)

Women’s Division: One team

Adult Division: One Adult Division I team, one Adult Division II team and one Adult Division III team