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How do I create a SportsEngine Account?
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How do I reset my SportsEngine Password?
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Where do I register as a member?
CLICK HERE to Register.

Why am I seeing a blank screen while purchasing a membership?
Please make sure your internet browser is updated. SportsEngine preferred browser is Google Chrome or FireFox.

The SafeSport code isn't working?

Make sure you select the correct organization. It should be "National Wheelchair Basketball." NWBA Access Code: XPYUBVGZQ4YJ9ACA

Why am I not showing up on my team's roster? 

Make sure you completed your membership, registration, and attached your SafeSport certificate to your registration. Please reference our how-to attach SafeSport videos.


Make sure you selected the correct team in your registration.

I got the email that I need to do Safesport, but I already did it.

You need to download the certificate and attach it to your registration. Please reference our how-to attach SafeSport videos. 

Or you have non-athlete AND athlete registrations and attached it to only one of the registrations and it needs to be on both.