Question:  What do our vendors think of a split Adults / Juniors Nationals?
Answer: We have had discussions with almost every vendor and they are understanding and generally supportive of the recommendation. The team is working on storage options for vendors that want to keep their equipment in Wichita between events.

Question:  Will we have enough chairs suppliers to help deliver repairs for both tournaments? 
Answer:  Both Per4Max and RGK will attend both events

Question: How would we handle the Hall of Fame Event with this format?
Answer: The HOF event would take place during the Adult weekend and we will be in position to leverage a more premium day and time for the event.

Question: Will this change increase the travel costs for our officials, and is Visit Wichita aligned with handling any increase?
Answer: There is a minimal difference in costs and Visit Wichita is willing to cover any increase.

Question: Can we add an additional weekend on to our NWBA staff?
Answer: Our staff is fully supportive of this move and we are working to get increased support from divisional resources to help out during both weekends.