During the registration process for the National Tournaments a team representative for your team acknowledged the following:

I understand and certify I have reviewed the Team Roster contained on my team page of the NWBA website and this roster is COMPLETE and ACCURATE. I certify all athletes are listed correctly including uniform number, name, gender and t-shirt size.

Only athletes and coaches listed on the team webpage on the NWBA website are registered/compliant members of the NWBA and may be listed on an active roster. Athletes and Non-Athletes not listed on the roster need to complete the corresponding registration requirements to become compliant.

I also understand that all athletes competing in a national tournament must have an “approved” status of Player Eligibility and meet all eligibility requirements for the division competing in. No athlete can compete in a national tournament with a “pending” status of an Application of Consideration of Eligibility.  

Adult Division, Women's Division, Military Division and Varsity teams, I certify that the Player Classification and Classification Status are correct for all athletes on my team roster. I understand these classification items will be used for the athletes during the 2024 national tournaments.

I further understand this roster contained on my team page of the NWBA website will become the OFFICIAL roster for the 2024 national tournaments and it includes all staff names for my team.  I understand no one will be allowed on the team bench that is not listed on this roster. Team staff must have completed a 2023-24 Non-Athlete Registration and all other required training (SafeSport, etc.).

All Adult Division, Women's Division and Varsity athletes attending an event/national tournament as part of the 2024 NWBA National Championship Series must have at least an “Approved” classification status for their player classifications. For more information on the NWBA Classification please visit http://www.nwba.org/classification and click here to access Classification Forms. Classification Forms must be submitted to the NWBA with approval from two opposing team reviewers to change a classification status of "Proposed" to “Approved” on your team roster. 

I understand this roster will be used to create prepopulated official scoresheets for the national tournaments.  I agree no changes will be made to the online roster or the 2024 Nationals Official Scoresheets, with the exception of uniform numbers or the ability to delete an athlete only with the review and approval of the lead official prior to the start of a game.