The team is responsible for its own equipment. The necessary equipment includes a jerseys, basketball and a wheelchair.


Players can play in basketball wheelchairs or everyday wheelchairs, but the chairs must adhere to NWBA chair guidelines.


The following is the regulation basketballs used by each division of play.

Junior Division Prep
Spalding Rookie Gear Youth Basketball - 27.5"

Women's Division
BGL6X or BGM6X - 28.5"

Adult Divisions, Intercollegiate Divisions, Junior Division Varsity
BGL7X or BGM7X - 29.5"

The NWBA is sponsored by Molten and balls can be purchased through Molten at a discounted rate per ball. 


Each team must have matching jerseys or t-shirts with visible numbers on them. It is recommended that each team have a light and a dark jersey in case of conflict with another team.