The NWBA is recruiting for the following positions to volunteer for throughout the 2019 Toyota National Championship Series; Event Setup; Event Breakdown; Water Service; Registration/Will Call Assistant; Statistician; Store Assistant; 50/50 Raffle Volunteer; and Greeters/Unloaders. 

The 2019 Toyota NWBA Junior & Women's National Championship Series Tournament is March 28-31, 2019. We are asking all volunteers to take a quick, 5-minute questionnaire to help us keep track of availability and volunteer preferences. To fill out the survey, click on the link below:

NWBA National Championship Volunteer Questionnaire

If you have other family members, coworkers, friends, etc., who wish to sign up, please have them fill out their own survey. You can forward this link to anyone and everyone who is interested, sharing is caring!

Our goal is to have a final volunteer schedule out by Friday, March 22, 2019. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I can be reached at, or 815-320-3500 x214.

Information on registering to volunteer for the 2019 Toyota National Adult Division I, Adult Division II and Adult III Wheelchair Basketball Tournaments will be provided when available. Please check the Toyota National Championship Series webpage for more information at