Event Sanction Application

The NWBA Bylaws and Policies & Procedures require all NWBA events to be sanctioned by the NWBA. NWBA Events may include, but are not limited to, hosting a NWBA game between two teams; series of games between NWBA registered teams (does not have to be hosted on consecutive day/s); NWBA tournament (more than two registered NWBA teams); NWBA clinic/camp; NWBA fundraiser; and any other type of wheelchair basketball event involving NWBA members. The NWBA will not formally recognize or promote an event until reviewed and approved.

Please be prepared to provide event information during the Event Sanction Application. We understand arrangements may not be finalized at this time, however, try to make your application as detailed as possible. 

An Event Sanction Application must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the start of an event to provide full consideration as an NWBA sanctioned event. Events submitted 14 days or less prior to the start of an event may incur a $200 fine and not be approved as an NWBA sanctioned event.

Once you have submitted your application, please allow 3-5 business days for it to be reviewed and approved. A copy of the submitted applications will be automatically sent to NWBA staff and leadership for consideration of an NWBA sanctioned event.

If your application is denied and your event is classified as "Unsanctioned," you will have the opportunity to submit another application with more information. The NWBA will review your event again and will sanction your event once the required information is provided. For assistance with editing your registration entry, click here and follow the steps provided. Unsanctioned events will still appear on the NWBA events calendar, but will be tagged as "Unsanctioned."  

If your event is approved, it will appear on the NWBA events calendar as "Sanctioned."  It is important to consistently update logistics and add new information to your event on the NWBA events calendar. Application fees are fully refunded for events that are not hosted. 

The NWBA Event Resource Guide will provide an overview and reference materials to assist in the planning and implementation of NWBA sanctioned events. All Event Directors must review the Event Resource Guide thoroughly and are required to follow those Guidelines. Please visit the NWBA Resource Center at: http://www.nwba.org/resourcecenter and download a copy of that document to review and reference.