Academic Awards

The NWBA and Junior Division Executive Committee annually recognize athletes of the Junior Division for their success with their academics. The 2022 awards marks the 25th time the Junior Division has recognized its best student-athletes for their work off the court.

The Timothy J. Nugent High School Academic All-American presented by Toyota recognizes athletes 10th through 12th grades. The Academic All-American has been a great opportunity for accomplished athletes of Junior Division to showcase their talents off the court.

The Timothy J. Nugent Academic Achievers program is for grades 5-9. The goal of the program is to get kids interested in the importance of academics at an earlier age with the ultimate goal of more students attending college and obtaining a college degree.

All NWBA Junior Division academic recognitions are in memory of our dedicated and visionary founder, Dr. Timothy J. Nugent. Dr. Nugent had the courage to start the NWBA to provide more opportunities for people with disabilities. Dr. Nugent cared way more about wins in society then wins on the court.

Dr. Nugent realized the number one tool to improve a person's place in society was education. The Junior Division remembers Dr. Nugent by pushing the next generation of leaders towards the power of education.

Please see below for recent projects which were included with applications for the Timothy J. Nugent High School Academic All-American presented by Toyota.

2021 Award Recievers


Lily Lautenschlager (Nebraska Red Dawg) 


Preston Howell (Charlotte Hornets)

Hannah Smith (Sportable Spokes)

Cameron Poole (Rockford/WASA Bucks)

Aidan Gravelle (Iowa Rolling Panthers)


Theodore "Theo" Batty (Dallas Jr. Mavericks)

Amelia Stotts (RHI Racers)

Abigail Counts (Dallas Jr. Mavericks)

Kylee Koenig (Nebraska Red Dawgs)

Esteban Aparicio-Fernandez (Dallas Jr. Mavericks)


Alma Velaquez (Utah Rush)

Mary McLendon (Lakeshore Lakers)

Ben Edwards (Kansas City Kings)

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Martin Trojans)

Hailey Smith (Bennett Blazers)

Collin Lancaster

Stephen "Kaikai" Bandimere (Kansas City Kings)

Quinn Meyer (Austin Rec'ers)

Griffin Cloyd (Fairfax Falcons/Tampa Bay Strong Dogs)


Anderson Strom (KC Kings)

Isaiah Barr (KC Kings)

Jian Jackson (Lakeshore Lakers)

Kyle Sprenger

Adam Smith (Charlotte)

Charlie Zerzan (Fairfax Falcons)

Cameron Ruis (Charlotte)

Kelvin KJ Fields (Lakeshore Lakers)

Isaac Murdock (KC Kings)

Brandt Knoettgen (KC Kings)

Caleb Nilius (NE Red Dawgs)

Emma D’Antonio (NY Rolling Fury)

Julian Rivera (WASA bucks)

Caiden Hansen (NE Red Dawgs)

Josie Portell (DASA Rolling Rams)

Caleb Roach (NE Red Dawgs)

Sean Nichols (Cincinnati Dragons)

Zion Redington (Music City Thunder)

Current Applications

Highlighted Submitted Projects

Cameron Poole - Rockford Jr. Chariots

Zion Redington - Music City Thunder

Ruby Elbert - Bennett Blazers

Samantha McMinn - Bennett Blazers