Stay to Play Model – lodging for Adult & Junior Nationals

  • The “Stay to Play” Model helps ensures the LOC is receiving hotel rebates for room nights associated with our event. This model helps the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) to offset cost from these hotel rebates for LOC to come as close to breakeven on hosting this event as possible.
  • The Stay to Play model applies to the host hotel AND any other hotel listed in the Fact Sheet & "Additional Hotels" tab.
    • There are a variety of hotel properties that are included outside of the hotel host – Wichita Marriot.
  • For the purposes of the logistics the NWBA will email a spreadsheet to all teams requesting their hotel information. Each team will fill one out providing their team name, each team members name, their hotel name, and confirmation number. They will then email this spreadsheet to Visit Wichita – the LOC for this event; email to be provided.
    • The Stay to Play model is vital in helping the NWBA support our Local Organizing Committee and creating an efficient and well-organized event for all participants and attendees.
    • A $300 fine will be paid by any team that does not follow the Stay to Play model. This fine will be collected by Visit Wichita.