2024 NWBA Annual Assembly - Bylaw Amendments

Bylaw Amendment Proposal Instructions

NWBA Bylaw Amendment proposals should be submitted by emailing the completed NWBA Bylaws Amendment Proposal Form (linked below) to Dug Jones, Governance Committee Chair (Email Dug) and David Shaffer, NWBA CEO (Email David) by Thursday, March 21, 2024 (60 days before Annual Assembly).

Bylaw Amendment Proposals

This section will be updated after the deadline to submit Amendment Proposals.

Amendments of NWBA Bylaws (NWBA Bylaws - Article 10, Section 3)

These NWBA Bylaws may be amended, repealed, or altered, in whole or in part at the NWBA Annual Assembly by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the voting membership present and voting provided that the proposed amendment is submitted in writing to the Executive Director and the Chair of the Governance Committee at least sixty (60) days preceding the Annual Assembly.

Upon receipt of a properly submitted amendment proposal:

i. the staff of the NWBA, with the oversight of the Board of Directors, shall electronically mail a copy of the proposed amendment to all active members of the NWBA at least thirty (30) days before the Annual Assembly,

ii. a copy of the proposed amendment shall be posted on the NWBA website (www.NWBA.org) not later than thirty (30) days before the Annual Assembly, and

iii. all amendments, unless otherwise specified, shall become effective 30 days following adoption at the Annual Assembly, and will be implemented as soon as practical.

iv. These NWBA Bylaws may be updated for errors that do not affect the meaning such as formatting, grammar, punctuation and to update or add article / section references as needed. Such changes must be approved by the Board of Directors and Governance Committee, and if approved shall become effective within 30 days following the approval and updated on the NWBA website.

The Chair of the Governance Committee, in conjunction with the Executive Director, shall also prepare ballots for any amendment issues that have been submitted as provided in Article Twenty of this document.

Divisional Guidelines Amendment Proposals

The Divisional Guidelines amendment proposal process is different for each Division and is further detailed on the Divisional Annual Meetings tab.

Please note that the Divisional Guidelines amendment proposal process is also different than the NWBA Bylaws Amendment proposal process which is further detailed above.