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NWBA Shares Veterans' Stories for "NWBA Veterans Week"

11/11/2019, 10:00am CST
By Rebekah Markovitz

In honor of those who have served our country, we are sharing some of our Veterans’ stories throughout this week.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – Today, the United States honors the 101st year of commemoration that Americans remember those who served our country.  Veterans Day, originally called Armistice Day until 1954, is honored on November 11 as this was the day when fighting ceased during World War I.

Wheelchair basketball started in the U.S. following World War II through Veteran Administration Hospitals in Birmingham, California; Framingham, Maryland; and the Corona Naval Station in California in 1946. Two years later, Dr. Timothy J. Nugent formed the National Wheelchair Basketball Association that was comprised of the VA hospital teams and a few other new teams across the country.

Today, seven percent of the current NWBA adult athlete membership are veterans or active duty personnel. In honor of those who have served our country, we are sharing some of our veterans’ stories throughout this week. "NWBA Veterans Week" stories will be shared on the NWBA website and our social media accounts.

In addition, Fox Sports Network will also be airing tributes on NWBA members that are veterans that will air on Fox Sports Networks around the country. The regions will air them during their broadcasted NBA game - today (November 11). The NWBA will also share these video segments, when available, on our social media platforms. 

Today we celebrate the United States Armed Forces, the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard and their families for their support, courage, and service of our country, the United States of America. The NWBA Board of Directors, staff, national teams and all other members thank all military personal for their service to this country.

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