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"Around the NWBA" - Oklahoma City Wins the Tulsa Holiday Classic

12/10/2019, 1:15pm CST
By NWBA Team

This is the first "Around the NWBA" article.

Oklahoma City won the Tulsa Holiday Classic Wheelchair Basketball Tournament this past weekend with an undefeated record and outstanding performances from team members Tim Eldridge and Mike Tomkins. Four teams participated in the tournament: Tulsa Jammers DIII, Tulsa Roustabouts DIII, Kansas City Wheel Hawks DIII and Oklahoma City DII. 

The game scores are as follows:

      Game 1: Oklahoma City 53 vs. Kansas City 34

      Game 2: Tulsa Jammers 35 vs. Oklahoma City 46

      Game 3: Kansas City 35 vs. Tulsa Jammers 38

      Game 4: Tulsa Roustabouts 39 vs. Oklahoma City 64

      Game 5: Kansas City 41 vs. Tulsa Roustabouts 32

      Game 6: Tulsa Jammers 33 vs. Tulsa Roustabouts 23

Finishing in second place, behind Oklahoma City was the Tulsa Jammers. The Kansas City Wheel Hawks took third place and the Tulsa Roustabouts took fourth. 

In addition, the Oklahoma Junior Thunders played two exhibition games against the Tulsa Jammers bench and defeat them 42-40.

According to Bradley Forbes, the event director, the tournament was “well attended, teams played hard, and players displayed good sportsmanship throughout the tournament. The event was a big success!” 

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