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Adult Division January Power Rankings

By NWBA Team, 01/30/20, 5:30PM CST


COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – The Adult Division Executive Committee has announced the 2019-20 January Power Rankings for Adult Division I, Adult Division II and Adult Division III. These are the fourth set of power rankings released for the Adult Division in the 2019-20 season. 

The Adult Division I, II and III rankings are provided monthly to the NWBA by the Adult Division Executive Committee. The top 16 ranked teams for each Adult Division will earn an invite to the 2020 Toyota National Wheelchair Championship Series. The Adult Division National Tournament will be held March 12-14 in Wichita, Kansas. 

Important Reminders

Post Season Applications are due February 10. All three adult divisions must have ten games completed by February 9. These ten games need to be included in the Post Season Application. Division III teams must have their ten games against other Division III teams. 

Bids will be released on February 12 to the top ranked 16 teams. If a team does not accept an invite, the next ranked team will be invited. Therefore, even if your team is not ranked in the top 16, it would still be advantageous to complete a Post Season Application if your team is interested in competing in the post season. 

Adult Division Brief Overview

Teams are still jockeying for ranks on the Power Rankings, but two tournaments this weekend created a wake for change. The 33rd Lakeshore Pioneer Classic helped the Shepherd Stealers go from number fifteen in December to number seven this month. The Shepherd Stealers won all their games, including two against the Brooks Ballers causing the Brooks to drop six spots. 

The TIRR Memorial Hermann Hotwheels also played well at the Lakeshore Pioneer Classic finishing with a 4-1 record and moving up five spots in the Power Rankings. The LA Clippers finished with a 2-3 tournament record and moved down the rankings eight spots.

The other tournament that mixed things up was the 21st Annual DI Wheelchair Basketball Tournament hosted by Ability360 in Phoenix. They finished the tournament 3-1 and moved up four spots in the Power Rankings. 

January Adult Division I Power Rankings  

  1.  New York Rollin’ Knicks                                       

  2.  Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks 

  3.  MedStar NRH Punishers  

  4.  Milwaukee Wheelchair Bucks                                   

  5.  NMCSD WolfPack         

  6.  Utah Wheelin’ Jazz                                                                                 

  7.  Seattle Sonics           

  8.  Toronto Rollin’ Raptors (1) 

  9.  Mary Free Bed Pacers   

10.  Golden State Road Warriors     

11.  LA Hotwheels  

12.  Miami Heat Wheels      

13.  Rancho Halos

14.  Albuquerque Kings     

15.  Tucson Lobos      

16.  Toronto Rollin’ Raptors (2) 

17.  Chicago Hornets

18.  Kansas City Predators   

19.  Austin Rec’ers 

January Adult Division II Power Rankings

  1.  Tampa Bay Strong Dogs    

  2.  Cincinnati Royals 

  3.  Magee Spokesmen 

  4.  Nassau Kings  

  5.  Wisconsin Thunder     

  6.  TIRR Memorial Hermann Hotwheels   

  7.  LWSRA Hawks 

  8.  Ft. Lauderdale Sharks 

  9.  Courage Rolling Timberwolves  

10.  LA Clippers    

11.  Shepherd Stealers            

12.  OKC Wheels of Thunder 

13.  Detroit Pistons

14.  Madonna Magic             

15.  Memphis Rolling Grizzlies 

16.  Charlottesville Cardinals

17.  Sioux Falls 

18.  Connecticut Spokebenders

19.  Sportable Rimriders

20.  Ability 360 Phoenix Suns 

January Adult Division III Power Rankings 

1. Rockford Chariots

2. LWSRA Hawks

3. Louisville Spokes & Spires

4. Tacoma Titans

5. Coastal Chairmen

6. London Forest City Flyers

7. Shepherd Stealers

8. Fayetteville Flyers

9. Brooks Ballers

10. Turnstone Bandits

11. Arkansas Rollin’ Razorbacks

12. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets

13. Magee Spokesmen

14. Music City Lightning

15. Orlando Magic Wheels

16. Harrisonburg Cardinals

17. Brooklyn Nets

18. TIRR Memorial Hermann Hotwheels

19. Austin Rec’ers

20. Bulova Nets