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Young with Big Dreams

By Sydney Pierre, 04/17/20, 11:00AM CDT


Adan Persad is only 12 years old, but he’s already a standout player for the New York Rolling Fury.

Adan Persad is only 12 years old, but he’s already a standout player for the New York Rolling Fury and has lofty goals for his future in the sport, including, but not limited to; playing in college, overseas, and eventually, in the Paralympics. 

Persad started playing wheelchair basketball after his physical therapist suggested trying the sport. After some research and planning, he joined the Rolling Fury, where he has now been playing for three years. This season, the Fury’s have a record of 6-10, with one of the tougher schedules in the country. Outside of wheelchair basketball, he also does wheelchair racing with the New York Road Runners, a training program for youth with disabilities who are interested in racing track. Recently, Persad placed second in the junior age division for wheelchair racing in the New York Marathon.  

Out of all of the sports he’s involved in, Persad enthusiastically noted that wheelchair basketball is his favorite. “My favorite part about wheelchair basketball, it's like being able to interact with other people that I can relate to,” said Persad. His mother, Roxann Persad, echoed the statement, explaining that “being a part of the group has really given him that sense of friendship and bond with other kids of the same disability.” Roxanne noted that wheelchair basketball has not only given Persad an increased sense of belonging on and off the court, but also that his involvement has provided him more friendships and “brings a new kind of pride” along with it. Persad’s least favorite part about wheelchair basketball? Having to do sprints drills, otherwise known as ‘Suicides’  in practice. 

Looking towards the future, Persad has high goals for the rest of his career. “Eventually my goal is to play overseas. So I want to go to college in Texas [at the] University of Arlington,” said Persad. “And then I want to go play on the New York Rollin Knicks.”  

With a bright future ahead of him on the court, Persad brings plenty of youthful, sociable energy in any activity he’s involved in, a legitimate kid at heart. His favorite part of practice that the Fury’s hold twice a week is “getting better” and during away-tournaments, he likes spending time with his teammates by hanging out in their hotel rooms and having parties. 

Persad may be 12, but his big goals and determination are easy to see. So watch out Steve Serio, in a few years, Persad is headed your way!