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Junior Teams Kicked Off New Year With OKC Wheels of Thunder Tournament

By Rebekah Markovitz, 01/21/21, 10:00AM CST


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Ten teams from the Junior Division kicked off the new year (2021) with the Oklahoma City Wheels of Thunder Tournament. Four Prep teams and six Varsity teams participated in the event that took place on January 9-10 at the Santa Fe Family Life Center in Oklahoma City, OK. 

Lisa Elliston, President of the Junior Division, feels tournaments like these are promising. "During this uncertain time, it is with great encouragement to see that tournaments within our division can be safely planned and executed--even when travel is involved for participating teams! Kudos to the parents and coaches of these teams, that saw to the safety of their players and their families,” she said.  



The Kansas City Kings and the Dallas Jr. Mavericks finished the tournament on top with an almost undefeated record of (3-1), with both of their losses against each other. OKC Wheels of Thunder and Nebraska Red Dawgs both only had one win, with both of their wins against each other.  

Both teams look to be on track for improvement as they are already close to exceeding the amount of games they won last year and have significantly less losses so far. The Nebraska Red Dawgs; however, currently have a losing record (2-9) compared to their impressive record and third place finish last year. For the OKC Wheels of Thunder it could go either way as far as improvement as they are currently (2-6) compared to last year’s record of (3-7). 

Games: January 9 

OKC Wheels of Thunder 11 vs KC Kings 30

Dallas Junior Mavs 32 vs KC Kings 22 

KC Kings 20 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 11

Dallas Junior Mavs 22 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 10

OKC Wheels of Thunder 10 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 30

OKC Wheels of Thunder 4 vs Dallas Junior Mavs 26

Games: January 10

Dallas Junior Mavs 20 vs KC Kings 23

OKC Wheels of Thunder 21 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 9

Records to Date

KC Kings (10-1)

Dallas Junior Mavs (3-1)

OKC Wheels of Thunder (2-6)

Nebraska Red Dawgs (2-9)

Last Year’s Final Rankings/Record (top 16 ranked)

 3 - Nebraska Red Dawgs (25-5)

15 - KC Kings (11-15)

16 - Dallas Mavs (3-11)

NR - OKC Wheels of Thunder (3-7)

Junior Varsity Division


The SportAbility Rolling Panthers finished the tournament undefeated (5-0), followed by the OKC Wheels of Thunder who finished with a winning record of (3-2). Kansas City Kings and the Nebraska Red Dawgs both finished (2-3) and the Austin Rec’ers (1-2) and the Dallas Mavericks (0-3) follow suite, respectively. 

With these games on the record, the SportAbility Rolling Panthers are currently undefeated with their tournament record as their current record to date. The Dallas Mavericks and Austin Rec’er’s tournament record is also their current record to date. The OKC Wheels of Thunder have a winning record of (8-2) and The Nebraska Red Dawgs and Kansas City Kings are both (8-7).  

Games: January 9

Nebraska Red Dawgs 52 vs KC Kings 37

KC Kings 39 vs Austin Rec’ers 36

Dallas Junior Mavs 20 vs SportAbility Rolling Panthers 46

OKC Wheels of Thunder 26 vs SportAbility Rolling Panthers 46

Austin Rec’ers 41 vs Dallas Junior Mavs 17

Dallas Junior Mavs 23 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 40

Austin Rec’ers 30 vs OKC Wheels of Thunder 36

SportAbility Rolling Panthers 58 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 18

KC Kings 33 vs OKC Wheels of Thunder 37

Games: January 10

SportAbility Rolling Panthers 44 vs KC Kings 31

Nebraska Red Dawgs 44 vs KC Kings 46

OKC Wheels of Thunder 48 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 38

SportAbility Rolling Panthers 42 vs OKC Wheels of Thunder 37

Records To Date

SportAbility Rolling Panthers (5-0)

OKC Wheels of Thunder (8-2)

Nebraska Red Dawgs (8-7) 

KC Kings (8-7)

Austin Rec’ers (1-2)

Dallas Junior Mavs (0-3)

Last Year’s Record/Standing (out of 50)

 4 - Nebraska Red Dawgs (27-8)

17 - OKC Wheels of Thunder (9-6)

19 - Austin Rec’ers (8-9)

23 - Dallas Mavs Blue (6-13)

31 - KC Kings (9-18)

NR - Dallas Mavs White (0-12)

NR - SportAbility Rolling Panthers (9-12)