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May Kicks Off with a Tournament-Stacked Weekend

By Rebekah Markovitz, 05/05/21, 6:15PM CDT


FOUR TOURNAMENTS TOOK PLACE IN THE BEGINNING OF MAY: Pioneer Classic, SEC Junior Division Invitational, KC Crossroads Invitational, and Fort Lauderdale Sharks Invitational

Four tournaments brought together a total of 31 teams to kick off May with some exciting action on the court.

The Pioneer Classic and Jr. SEC Wheelchair Basketball Tournament were hosted simultaneously by Lakeshore in Birmingham, Alabama with five teams attending the Pioneer Classic and eight teams attending the SEC Junior Division Invitational. Fifteen teams attended the KC Crossroads Invitational in Lee’s Summit, Missouri including three adult, eight varsity, and four prep teams. Adult division teams Tampa Bay Strong Dogs DI, Ft. Lauderdale Sharks DII, and Detroit Wheelchair Pistons DII competed at the Ft. Lauderdale Sharks Tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Pioneer Classic andĀ SEC Junior Division Invitational

Lakeshore hosted its first athletic competition in more than a year with the combined Pioneer Classic and SEC Invitational wheelchair basketball tournaments. The 34th annual Pioneer Classic, took place April 30 - May 1 and featured five Adult Division III teams and two Women’s Division teams. The SEC Junior Division Invitational took place May 1-2 and featured eight teams, four Varsity and four Prep division. 

Division winners are the Lakeshore Sharks (Prep), BlazeSports Jr. Hawks - Red (Varsity), Charlotte Rollin' Hornets (Women's), and Charlotte Rollin' Hornets (DIII). Top scorers for each team include Jonah Daniels and Rashad Bennett for Lakeshore Storm DIII; Candice Law and Preston Howell IV for the Charlotte Rollin' Hornets DIII; Mary McLendon for Lakeshore Lightning Women; Candice Law for the Charlotte Rollin' Hornets Women; Mark Detero, Zak Katzer, Matthew Sechrist, and Tyler Tippins for the CAST Iron Skillets DIII. 

Click here to view more photos from the Pioneer Classic and SEC Invitational Wheelchair Basketball Tournament.

Pioneer Classic

Friday, April 29th: DIII 

Lakeshore Storm 46 vs Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 57

CAST Iron Skillets 27 vs Lakeshore Storm 47

Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 58 vs CAST Iron Skillets 25

Friday, April 29th: Women

Lakeshore Lightning 24 vs Charlotte Rollin Hornets 51

Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 54 vs Lakeshore Lightning 27

Lakeshore Lightning 18 vs Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 33

Saturday, May 1st: DIII

Lakeshore Storm 41 vs Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 52

CAST Iron Skillets 38 vs Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 50

Lakeshore Storm 56 vs CAST Iron Skillets 46

Final Rankings: DIII

1st - Charlotte Rollin' Hornets

2nd - Lakeshore Storm

3rd - CAST IRON Skillets Wheelchair Basketball

Final Rankings: Women's Division

1st - Charlotte Rollin' Hornets

2nd - Lakeshore Lightning DIII

SEC Junior Division Invitational

Saturday, May 1st: Varsity

BlazeSports Jr. Hawks - Red 71 vs. Lakeshore Lakers 30

BlazeSports Jr. Hawks – White 32 vs. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 48

Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 36 vs. Blazesports Jr. Hawks – Red 67

Lakeshore Lakers 50 vs. BlazeSports Jr. Hawks – White 20

Saturday, May 1st: Prep

BlazeSports Jr. Hawks 16 vs. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets  25

Lakeshore Sharks 44 vs. BlazeSports Jr. Hawks 16

Cajun Wheelers 2 vs. Lakeshore Sharks 25

Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 28 vs. Cajun Wheelers 12

Sunday, May 2nd: Varsity

Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 45 vs Lakeshore Lakers 38

Sunday, May 2nd: Prep

Lakeshore Sharks 43 vs. Charlotte Rollin’ Hornets 18

Cajun Wheelers 6 vs. BlazeSports Jr. Hawks 28

Final Results: Varsity

1st - BlazeSports Jr. Hawks - Red

2nd - Charlotte Rollin' Hornets

3rd - Lakeshore Lakers

4th - BlazeSports Jr. Hawks - White

Final Results: Prep

1st - Lakeshore Sharks

2nd - Charlotte Rollin' Hornets

3rd - BlazeSports America Jr. Hawks

4th - Cajun Wheelers

KC Crossroads Invitational

The KC Crossroads Invitational was held at Bernard Campbell Middle School in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. An All-Tournament team was named for the Prep and Varsity divisions. 

Prep All-Tournament Team

Catherine Reddin #31 WASA Bucks

Eli Johnson #5 Nebraska Red Dawgs

Ryder Gibson #0 OKC Wheels of Thunder

Yandel Pina #24 KC Kings

Isiah Barr #21 KC Kings

Varsity All-Tournament Team

Ben Edwards #52 KC Kings

AJ Fitzpatrick #24 Sportability Rolling Panthers

Caleb Roach #2 Nebraska Red Dawgs

Gabriel Taylor #23 Cincinnati Dragons

Alex Hilgeford #42 Cincinnati Dragons

The scores for the KC Crossroads Invitational are as follows: 

Saturday, May 1: Adult 

OKC Wheels of Thunder 56 vs Cincinnati Royals 55

KC Kings 65 vs Cincinnati Royals 35

KC Kings 54 vs OKC Wheels of Thunder 38

Saturday, May 1: Varsity

Cincinnati Dragons 68 vs WASA Bucks 37

KC Kings 50 vs Dallas Jr. Mavs 20

Cincinnati Dragons 65 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 27

Sportability Rolling Panthers 47 vs OKC Wheels of Thunder 37

KC Kings 47 vs Sportability Rolling Panthers 28

WASA Bucks 49 vs DASA Rolling Rams 42

WASA Bucks 52 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 47

OKC Wheels of Thunder 39 vs Dallas Jr. Mavs 37

Cincinnati Dragons 72 vs DASA Rolling Rams 39

KC Kings 64 vs OKC Wheels of Thunder 32

Sportability Rolling Panthers 45 vs Dallas Jr. Mavs 24

DASA Rolling Rams 44 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 47

Saturday, May 1: Prep

KC Kings 29 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 15

OKC Wheels of Thunder 12 vs WASA Bucks 27

OKC Wheels of Thunder 17 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 26

KC Kings 28 vs WASA Bucks 26

KC Kings 32 vs OKC Wheels of Thunder 26

WASA Bucks 42 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 32

Sunday, May 2: Adult

KC Kings 49 vs OKC Wheels of Thunder 46

Sunday, May 2: Varsity

OKC Wheels of Thunder 39 vs Dallas Jr. Mavs 29

DASA Rolling Rams 54 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 61

Cincinnati Dragons 50 vs WASA Bucks 21

KC Kings 45 vs Sportability Rolling Panthers 32

DASA Rolling Rams 43 vs Dallas Jr. Mavs 17

OKC Wheels of Thunder 31 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 51

WASA Bucks 50 vs Sportability Rolling Panthers 35

Cincinnati Dragons 64 vs KC Kings 31

Sunday, May 2: Prep

WASA Bucks 45 vs Nebraska Red Dawgs 23

KC Kings 32 vs OKC Wheels of Thunder 20

Nebraska Red Dawgs 22 vs OKC Wheels of Thunder 39

WASA Bucks 17 vs KC Kings 18

Fort Lauderdale Sharks InvitationalĀ 

The Fort Lauderdale Shark DII and the Tampa Strong Dogs DI went 3-1 at the tournament, and the Detroit Wheelchair Pistons went 0-4. 


Game 1: Tampa Bay Strong Dogs DI 61 vs Fort Lauderdale Sharks DII 46

Game 2: Tampa Bay Strong Dogs DI 73 vs Detroit Wheelchair Pistons DII 59

Game 3: Tampa Bay Strong Dogs DI 60 vs Fort Lauderdale Sharks DII 65

Game 4: Tampa Bay Strong Dogs DI 69 vs Detroit Wheelchair Pistons 50 

Game 5: Detroit Wheelchair Pistons DII 59 vs Fort Lauderdale Sharks DII 67 

Game 6: Detroit Wheelchair Pistons DII 65 vs Fort Lauderdale Sharks DII 75