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NWBA Women's Division Announces Executive Committee Open Positions

By Women's Division Executive Committee, 10/18/21, 10:30AM CDT


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) Women’s Division Executive Committee announces details to conduct officer elections for the division as follow up action from the 2021 NWBA Women’s Division Annual Meeting held at 5 p.m. Mountain time on Sunday, September 19. The following are the details of the available positions, details regarding the nomination and participation timeline for this election by the Women’s Division Executive Committee.

Available Officer Roles

  • Chairperson – currently held by Jennifer Poist
    • The Chairperson shall preside at the meetings of the Division and the Division’s Executive Committee.  He/she shall serve as a member of the Associations’ Board of Directors.  In the absence of the Chair, or in the case he/she is incapacitated, the First Vice Chairperson shall take the Chair’s place and perform those duties.
  • Vice Chairperson – currently held by Courtney Ryan
    • First Vice Chairperson shall perform such duties, as the Chairperson shall elect.  He/she will chair the outreach committee.

More details on the ‘Duties of the Officers’ for the Women’s Division Executive Committee can be found here in the Women’s Division Guidelines.

Election Nomination & Participation Timeline

October 20

  • Deadline for Women’s Division Teams to complete an entry for 2021-22 Team Registration to Participate in this Election
  • Deadline for Women’s Division Team Representatives and Voting Delegates to complete an entry for 2021-22 Non-Athlete Registration to Participate in this Election
    • (60 days prior to voting in accordance with the NWBA Bylaws)

December 2

  • Deadline for candidates to submit interest in the open positions: submissions (bio and reason for interest in the position) provided to Women’s Division Secretary, Michelle Jenkins at
    • (45 days from notification date to align with the Women’s Division Guidelines)

December 9

Notification will be sent to Women’s Division with the list of candidates who submitted interest in the open positions along with their bio.

December 19 at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time – Women’s Division Annual Meeting Follow-up Meeting (to host elections voting)

For more information on the Women’s Division please visit