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NWBA Response on Coach Selection

By NWBA, 12/09/21, 12:00PM CST


Tuesday, the NWBA High Performance Committee announced the head coaches for the 2022 U.S. Men’s and Women’s Teams. Two issues have been raised by members who have stated their disappointment in the appointment of Coach Johnson:

That there is an open SafeSport investigation

- That a female coach was not appointed to the U.S. Women’s Head Coach role

The NWBA, through its affiliation with the USOPC, must adhere to The U.S. Center for SafeSport Code. The Code outlines strict requirements related to NWBA’s involvement in an investigation which the U.S. Center for SafeSport has taken jurisdiction. That includes how NWBA may support those who put forth a claim, and those who are the subject of a claim (i.e., Respondent). A claim was not made to the NWBA and NWBA does not have any jurisdiction of any such claim that was made to U.S. Center for SafeSport (the Center).  Further, NWBA is prohibited from interfering with a Center investigation.  Similarly, to limit participation without following the process set forth in NWBA’s Bylaws is prohibited.  

NWBA is and has always been fully committed to upholding the SafeSport Code for the safety of its Membership. As is true with any case, we are not at liberty to speak to any particulars of the claim or investigation. If the Center determines that temporary measures are necessary and/or concludes their investigation and finds that corrective action(s) must be taken, the NWBA will move swiftly to implement any such action(s). If The Center moves this to “administrative closure”, The NWBA will consider the matter closed.

For the avoidance of doubt, NWBA reaffirms its commitment to processes that ensure both the SafeSport Code is upheld and an environment / culture exists that is safe, healthy, and competitive for all members of High Performance, including athletes, coaches, and staff.

Selection Process
The NWBA High Performance Committee developed a selection process and selection committee for the head coach positions. This process determined the candidates from the applicant pool who would be interviewed, and the Committee then selected the candidates who they felt had the knowledge, skills, and abilities to give the Men’s and Women’s Teams the best opportunity for success.

The Selection Committee also aligned on the importance of providing both selected coaches a development plan, and the importance of working with the head coaches to consider opportunities for the other candidates to further their development.

The NWBA continues to take seriously the balanced representation of women in leadership roles, whether that be composition of Board of Directors, composition of High-Performance or other Committees or coaching opportunities for Senior and Junior National Teams. Although progress has been made, this remains a constant focus for the organization as we endeavor to grow participation of women at all levels of the organization and support them regardless of what level they compete or the type of role they hold.

The High-Performance Committee and Head Coaches will be focused on continuing the work required to deliver sustained competitive excellence on the international stage.