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Details Announced for 2022-23 Team Registration & Prize Pack Giveaway

By NWBA Team, 07/19/22, 6:00PM CDT


Register a team by August 4 to be eligible for the Team Prize Pack Giveaway

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) will open 2022-23 Early Team Registration at 5 p.m. Mountain time on July 19th, 2022. All teams planning or interested in  competing in the 2022-2023 NWBA season are encouraged to register. Register early to be eligible for the Team Prize Pack Giveaway and hopefully get your team some free basketballs!

As previously shared during the 2022 NWBA Annual Assembly (March 2022 - recording here) there is no change from last season in the NWBA team registration dues: which is $600 per team during the Early Team Registration period. The Early Team Registration period is Tuesday, July 19 to Tuesday, September 20. The Open Team Registration period will be September 21 and after, team dues will be $800 per team during Open Team Registration. 

Divisional and Conference dues info is included below and on the team registration webpage. The Divisional and Conference dues are established and managed by the Divisional and Conference leadership/guidelines. 

The NWBA will feature the following divisions of play for the 2022-23 season: Adult Division I, Adult Division II, Adult Division III, Women’s Division, Intercollegiate Men’s Division, Intercollegiate Women’s Division, Military Division and Junior Division (level of plays of Prep and Varsity).




Teams who have completed their team registration and have paid team dues in full during the registration period of July 19th – August 4th will be eligible to win one of the following prize packet giveaways. Nine winners will be selected at random. The prize packs that will be awarded are listed below.

Prize Package #1  (Quantity of 2)

-6 Molten Basketballs and ball bag

Prize Package #2 (Quantity of 3)

-4 Molten Basketballs

Prize Package #3 (Quantity of 4)
-2 Molten Basketballs 

Dues Overview & Payment Options

Team Registration Dates and Dues

  • Early Team Registration 
    • Teams registering July 19 to September 20
    • $600 + Division and Conference Dues (as outlined below)
  • Open Team Registration 
    • Teams (new or returning) registering September 21 and after
    • $800 + Division and Conference Dues (as outlined below)

Division and Conference Dues
NWBA Divisions and Conferences establish dues for their own operations. The NWBA has no determination in the dues set by a Division and/or Conference. To streamline the process, Division Dues are collected through Team Registration. 

Junior Division 
- Division Dues = $75 per team
- Midwest Conference = $75 per team

Women's Division 
- Division Dues - $200 per team

Adult Division
- Adult Division III Dues - $50.00 per team 

- Adult Division III Dues may be invoiced at a later date if division designation of Adult Division III is not known or confirmed for a team at the time of registration.

- Conferences : Dues outlined below for 2022-23 as determined by the Adult Division Executive Committee/Conference Commissioners

Arkansas Valley $0
Carolina $275 (conference to invoice teams directly)
Eastern $0
Florida $0
Gulf Coast $0
Mid-American $0
Midwest $0
Southern California $0
Independent Team - No Conference Affiliate $0

Intercollegiate Division
-Division Dues - $1,000 per team

Payment Options
Pay in full by Debit/Credit Card through Team Registration - online processing fees of 3.15% + $1.50 per payment will be added 

Pay by check - Teams must contact the NWBA prior to submitting a Team Registration. Please contact Brandon McBeain at to establish a payment plan or to pay by check. For teams paying offline, full payment must be received by end of Early Team Registration period or else the $800 per team dues during Open Team Registration will be applied.

Adult Division II & III Roster Form, Letter of Intent and Season Review

Adult Division II and Division III teams must complete a entry for registration including Roster Form, Letter of Intent and Season Review for the review and approval of the Adult Division Executive Committee. This is a different registration from above Team Registration that can be accessed HERE, visiting "Applications & Forms (" (click the ADULT DIVISION II & III FORMS tab); a friendly reminder will also be provided to applicable teams upon completion of a entry for 2022-23 Team Registration.

Individual Registration

Individual Registration Opens on Monday, August 1

In addition to Team Registration, all individuals participating as part of the team, including, but not limited to, athletes, coaches, team reps, voting delegates, team support staff, team reviewers, etc. must submit a current season Individual Membership Registration (i.e., Junior Athlete, Adult Athlete and/or Non-Athlete Registration). More information on Individual Membership Registration will be shared when available.