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Consider Opening your Heart to the NWBA on #GivingTuesday

By NWBA, 11/29/16, 2:30PM CST


During this special time of year it is fitting to acknowledge #GivingTuesday, a day where many open their hearts and pockets to supporting a worthy cause.  We hope that on this special day you will consider giving to the National Wheelchair Basketball Association.  

The NWBA provides people of all ages and backgrounds with physical disabilities the opportunity to play wheelchair basketball in a competitive setting.

Each day and especially today we celebrate all those within the organization committed to providing opportunities for our athletes at all levels from our Junior Division straight through to our Adults and U.S. Paralympic teams to thrive and prosper through the transformative power of wheelchair basketball.

When asked how the NWBA has impacted their lives, here are some of the responses elicited by our Junior athletes:

“Growing up I never thought I could be a part of a sport.  This just shows people you can.  Not only has the NWBA changed my life but it has opened so many opportunities.  Through playing wheelchair basketball, I have been able to travel around the country and play many teams.  With playing all these teams you become close to many of the people. When you’re out on that court you don’t feel different from everyone else.”

“I never thought I would go to college to play basketball or try out for a national team.  Because of the NWBA I could do both of those. I love the competitive side of the NWBA. I also love the family side.”

“In wheelchair basketball, we are all thought of as athletes, and no one is the “outsider”.”

“The NWBA has taught me that no matter what your disability is you can achieve whatever your heart desires.”

Your support of the NWBA will aid in furthering our athletes along on their own personal journey through the sport. You will help fuel the passion, drive, hard work and dedication of our athletes. You will support our coaches, volunteers, officials and the many volunteers that strive to provide a top rate wheelchair basketball experience with immeasurable long-lasting positive benefits.

Please consider making the National Wheelchair Basketball Association one of the deserving organizations on your list! 

We thank you for your support!