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2016-17 NWBA Adult Division January Rankings

01/28/2017, 8:45am CST

All three No. 1s hold their top spots

The NWBA Adult Division Ranking Committee has announced its 2016-17 NWBA January Rankings for Division I, II and III. All three No. 1 ranked teams from the inaugural rankings remain in their top spot for each division.

The Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks are the top ranked team in Division I with a 10-0 record. The Mavericks have an impressive scoring average of 69 points per game and also defensively sound allowing only 37 points per game. The Mavericks have captured five wins against teams ranked in the top 20 of Division I.

The No. 20 Golden State Road Warriors are the only new team to the top 20 rankings for Division I.

The Nassau Kings showcase a 15-1 record to secured the top spot in the Division II rankings. The Nassau Kings have the top overall point differential for Division II to with an impressive +/- point differential of 325. The sole lose for the Nassau Kings came against the No. 15 Magee Spokesmen (Division II) on Saturday, December 18 at the Dan Sullivan Classic

New teams to the top 20 rankings for Division II are the No. 14 Delaware Destroyers, No. 18 Madonna Magic and No. 19 Sacramento Royals

The final No. 1 spot of the NWBA Adult Division January Rankings is held by the LWSRA Hawks of Division III. The LWSRA Hawks hold a 16-2 record, with both loses coming from top 20 ranked Division II teams in the Music City Lightning (No. 20) and Miami Valley Raptors (No. 2). The LWSRA Hawks look to continue their seven game win streak into 2017. 

New teams to the top 20 rankings for Division III are the No. 19 Lakeshore Lightning and No. 20 Chicago Skyhawks

The NWBA Adult Division Rankings are used in determining the invites for the 2017 National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament presented by ABC Medical, set for Louisville, Kentucky, March 30-April 2. The top 16 ranked teams in each division will receive an invite to the 2017 NWBT. For teams who do not accept an invite, the NWBA Adult Division will extend an invite to the next highest ranked team.

The 2017 NWBT will feature a total of 48 teams from the NWBA Adult Division and 48 teams from the NWBA Junior Division. For more information on the 2017 NWBT visit

Division I

  1. Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks

  2. New York Rollin’ Knicks

  3. Milwaukee Bucks “A”

  4. Rogue Valley Scorpions

  5. Sacramento Rollin’ Kings

  6. University of Arizona Wildcats (Men’s)

  7. Utah Wheelin' Jazz

  8. Albuquerque Kings

  9. San Diego Wolfpack

  10. RIC Hornets

  11. Miami Heat Wheels

  12. Seattle Sonics

  13. Courage Rolling Timberwolves

  14. Fort Lauderdale Sharks - DI

  15. Mary Free Bed Pacers

  16. MedStar NRH Punishers

  17. Shepherd Stealers - DI

  18. Houston TIRR Hotwheels - DI

  19. L.A. Hot Wheels

  20. Golden State Road Warriors

Division II

  1. Nassau Kings

  2. Miami Valley Raptors

  3. DFW Freewheelers

  4. San Antonio ParaSport Spurs

  5. Tampa Bay Strong Dogs

  6. Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers

  7. Ft. Lauderdale Sharks - DII

  8. Charlotte Rollin' Hornets - A

  9. Fayetteville Flyers

  10. Detroit Diehards

  11. WASA Bucks - DII

  12. Shepherd Stealers - DII

  13. MAPVA Richmond Rimriders

  14. Delaware Destroyers

  15. Magee Spokesmen

  16. London Forest City Flyers

  17. LA Clippers Chairmen

  18. Madonna Magic

  19. Sacramento Royals

  20. Music City Lightning

Division III

  1. LWSRA Hawks

  2. Houston TIRR Hotwheels - DIII

  3. RHI Pacers

  4. Phoenix WC Suns

  5. Oklahoma Rollin' Trojans

  6. Boyle Heights Kodiaks

  7. Brooklyn Nets

  8. CSULB Flying Wheels

  9. Orlando Magic Wheels

  10. Spartanburg Pistons

  11. Rancho Renegades

  12. Triad Trackers

  13. Columbus WCB Club

  14. Pittsburg Steelwheelers

  15. Brooks Ballers

  16. Triangle Thunder

  17. RCRC Lightning

  18. Austin Rec'ers - DIII

  19. Lakeshore Lightning

  20. Chicago Skyhawks

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