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NWBA Event Resource Guide is Now Available

08/08/2017, 6:45pm CDT

The National Wheelchair Basketball Association is excited to provide our members with the 2017-2018 NWBA Event Resource Guide. The Event Resource Guide is a great tool for those hosting a NWBA sanctioned event. Hosting an NWBA sanctioned event is a privilege and the Event Resource Guide will ensure you follow the appropriate steps to hosting a successful game/or tournament.

The Event Resource Guide highlights the procedures to complete the NWBA event sanctioning process. The Event Resource Guide is highlighted with:

  • How to Complete Event Sanction Application
  • How to Report Scores
  • Live Scoring App Integrated with NWBA Website
  • Overview of Event Operations
  • Overview of Basketball Operations
  • Reminders on NWBA Sanctioned Events

The Event Resource Guide provides a thorough overview of basketball operations necessary for an event including: instructions for table officials (shot clock, game clock, etc.); and processing event results and game summary sheets. These templates may be customized for your event and division of play to have on-site.

The NWBA is excited to announce a live scoring app that can be integrated into the NWBA website. The iScout app allows teams the freedom to track team stats and scores directly upload them to the NWBA website. A user guide, tips and video tutorials have been created to allow for ease use of iScout and the NWBA website.

In addition to some of the materials mentioned above, the Event Resource Guide will include information on executing event operations, form templates, event sponsorship ideas and other valuable information. The Event Resource Guide is an evergreen document that the NWBA will continue to add information and templates. Please make sure to visit the NWBA Resource Center at to download the updated version of the Event Resource Guide.

Please visit for more information or to complete an Event Sanction Application.

For questions please contact Brandon McBeain, Director of Membership Services and Programs, at  

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