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NWBA First Annual Campaign Kit Launch

09/27/2017, 5:30pm CDT
By Kimberly Kasper, NWBA

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO - The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) is excited to announce the first Annual NWBA Campaign Kit. The Campaign Kit introduces a variety of fundraising platforms for NWBA teams to kick-off National Wheelchair Basketball Week, Oct. 13-22. These fundraising programs will increase awareness for wheelchair basketball across the country with more than 200 teams eligible to participate in the 2017-18 campaign.

The National Wheelchair Basketball Week is a week-long celebration of wheelchair basketball and the progress the sport has made since founded in 1948. The Annual NWBA Campaign is an opportunity for grassroots programs within the NWBA to raise funds for their individual teams. The campaign will run October 13th to November 22nd.

The NWBA Campaign Kit outlines essential information for teams to successfully fundraise during the National Wheelchair Basketball Week. Any team registered with the NWBA for the 2017-2018 season is eligible to receive a NWBA Campaign Kit. All funds raised during the campaign are retained by the teams. Teams will have the opportunity during the October 13-November 22 time period to win prizes based upon their accumulative fundraising efforts.

The top four performing programs will receive prize packages. Only funds raised during the NWBA Annual Campaign should reported.Prize packages are as followed (Additional items may be included):

Platinum Program Package: Six Molten Basketballs, Molten Ball Bag, Practice Jersey’s, T-shirts

Gold Program Package: Four Molten Basketballs, Molten Ball Bag, Practice Jerseys

Silver Program Package: Three Molten Basketballs

Bronze Program Package: Two Molten Basketballs

Activities listed in the NWBA Campaign Kit include: a Shoot-A-Thon; a Push-A-Thon; a Dribble-A-Thon; and a Wheelchair Basketball Mini-Tournament. A Shoot-A-Thon consists of 50 or 100 free throws per player. For a Push-A-Thon, a player conducts down-and-backs on the basketball court for as long as possible. Similar to a Push-A-Thon, a player for a Dribble-A-Thon must dribble a ball continuously for as long as possible. To sponsor an athlete, individuals may pledge an amount per shot made or per minute an activity is completed. Sponsors may also donate a lump-sum to a team’s campaign. Wheelchair Basketball Mini-Tournaments are intended to involve local groups to participate in wheelchair basketball in an educational and friendly competition setting.

The packet also encourages organizations to invite local businesses, NBA and College teams for Group Wheelchair Basketball Experiences or demonstrations. Demonstrations include a brief introduction to the sport, educational and team-building activities, skills and drills stations, and a scrimmage game.  

“The NWBA has returned a priority to all NWBA teams to provide them with a variety of services that will increase awareness and support at the local level throughout the country. The National Wheelchair Basketball Week is an important property to start developing in 2017, and we look to build the program further in 2018,” said NWBA Executive Director Anthony Bartkowski.

The activities entailed in the NWBA Campaign Kit are merely suggestions. The NWBA encourages participation from all NWBA teams in the Annual Campaign. The NWBA hopes that this program will enable teams to expand their audience, participants, and partnerships as well as raise funds.

Teams are asked to share their experiences via social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #NWBA and #RollWithUS.


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