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NWBA Hall of Fame Updated

11/16/2017, 11:00am CST

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - The National Wheelchair Basketball Association has updated the NWBA Hall of Fame webpage on the NWBA website. The updates include new biographies, new photos and the addition of classes. The NWBA and Hall of Fame Committee are excited to release updates and are committed to capturing the stories of the NWBA.


The purpose of the NWBA Hall of Fame is to enshrine the names of those individuals who have exerted a distinct, positive influence on the sport of wheelchair basketball.


The Hall of Fame is divided into two different classes: competitors and non-competitors. The competitor’s class recognizes individual athlete’s achievements. Non-competitors are a class for individuals that have contributed to the development, growth, support or advancement of wheelchair basketball. These individuals may or may not have disabilities.


Nominations for the Hall of Fame may be made by any member of the NWBA and submitted to the NWBA Hall of Fame Committee for consideration via the official nomination form. Nominations must be submitted by February 15th each year to the Hall of Fame Chairperson. To access the NWBA Hall of Fame Nomination Form, click here.


A special thanks to Frank Burns, Chairperson of the NWBA Hall of Fame, for assisting the NWBA in the development of the NWBA Hall of Fame webpage.


Please visit to view these updates.


If you have content or photos to submit to the NWBA Hall of Fame page, please contact Kimberly Kasper at

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