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ABC Medical is Planting the 'Seeds of Hope' in Southern California

02/23/2018, 9:30am CST
By Dave Kiley, ABC Medical

What’s sunny and warm with an ocean breeze and a lifestyle that exudes health and fitness year-round? Seems so obvious to me! Yes it’s San Diego!! Well, I set myself up for success because of my SoCal roots and the fact I just spent time in January at San Diego State University.

Something about San Diego that’s different, special and unique. Residents and people from surrounding areas all are on bikes, skateboards, playing tennis or jogging and surfing everywhere. This atmosphere captures my soul and takes me for a ride in search of any small piece of this epic attitude or atmosphere. As my mind drifts to all that San Diego offers, I must reel myself back into focus for a task at hand. 

A project of great importance and potential impact.

Collegiate Adapted Sports is at a critical juncture and a ‘Monumental Moment’ all at the same time. We covered this in great detail in a previous blog, titled "Why Should We Invest in Collegiate Adaptive Sports Programs Now?"The current movement I am blogging about is to expand collegiate adapted programs nationally,  but the hottest iron in the fire is in the west and specifically at San Diego State University (SDSU). California is long over due for what seems to be a no brainer given the states given progressive nature and its population of people with disabilities.

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