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Results of NWBA Proposed Bylaws

06/16/2018, 1:00pm CDT

On June 16, 2018, the NWBA hosted a virtual Annual Assembly via Zoom Meetings. In addition to The State of The NWBA, Leadership reviewed proposed NWBA Bylaw amendments. Below are each of the four proposed amendments (The detailed amendments are below):

  • Voting and Other Rights of Members

  • Annual Assembly

  • Elections and Terms of Office

  • Individual Membership Categories, Officials

Of the Amendments proposed, the results are as follows:

  • 4.3 Voting and Other Rights of Members - DID NOT PASS

  • 10.1 Annual Assembly - PASSED

  • 6.2 Elections and Terms of Office - PASSED

  • 4 Individual Membership Categories, Officials - PASSED

We would like to thank the Members who took part in the voting process. We are an organization that self-governs, and your input is vital to shaping The NWBA and continuing the legacy of our association. The implementation of the amended bylaws will take place typically within 30 days or as soon as practicable.

Thank you,

Sarah Castle, NWBA President


(All changes and/or deletions are in bold)

Article 4 - Membership; Section 4.3 – Voting and Other Rights of Members

Proposed By: Junior Rodriguez, San Diego Wolfpack

Proposed Bylaw:

Section 4.3 : Voting and Other Rights of Members

Individuals who are U.S. citizens, at least 18 years of age, and are the Team Representative for their respective NWBA Registered Team shall be entitled to one vote in all maters submitted to a vote of the membership. The NWBOA will be represented by their elected Board of Directors, comprised of seven (7) members, allotted one vote each. No other voting privileges are conferred upon these members. All voting delegates shall be a member of the NWBA at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the election or membership vote (Annual Assembly date) in order to be eligible to vote in such election and/or membership vote.


Article 10 – Annual Assembly; Section 10.1

Proposed By: Stanley Corn, Sportable Rim Riders

Proposed Bylaw:

Section 10.1: The NWBA Annual Assembly

There shall be an Annual Assembly at which all members and other NWBA constituencies shall gather and provide input to the Board of Directors on matters relating to the organization.

The Annual Assembly meeting may be held in conjunction with a major NWBA competition.

The NWBA Annual Assembly shall be held in conjunction with a regularly scheduled Board of Director’s meeting.

At the Annual Assembly:

  1. The Board of Directors shall provide a report on the “State of the NWBA;”

  2. The Executive Director shall provide a managerial report;

  3. Members may pose questions to the Board and Executive Director for response; The voting membership shall elect new members of the Board of Directors as provided in these Bylaws; and

  4. The voting membership may amend these Bylaws as provided in these Bylaws.

Proposed Bylaw:

  1. The annual assembly will be video-conferenced and the voting membership, not able to send a physical representative to the annual assembly, may participate electronically in real time.

  2. The annual assembly will be streamed on the website in real time so the voting membership that does not have video-conferencing capabilities, may view the annual assembly.

  3. The voting membership that is participating via video-conferencing or live streaming, may vote using email to the annual assembly “voting email address” (to be established upon adoption of this change) if they wish to hear the discussions of the topics on which to be voted, prior to casting a vote.


Article 6 – Section 6.2 – Election and Term of Office

Article 5 – Section 5.6: Board Terms and Tenure

Proposed By: Tom Vandever, Charlottesville Cardinals

Proposed Bylaw:

  • Section 6.2: Election and Term of Office.

The Membership of the NWBA shall elect the Office of President. The President shall serve for four years and take office at the first Board Meeting following the Annual Assembly. The Board of Directors of the NWBA shall elect the Officers of  Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary at the first Board Meeting following the Annual Assembly and those officers shall hold office for two years from being appointed until its successor are elected.

  • Section 5.6: Board Terms and Tenure.

1) The Board shall serve staggered terms in the following manner:

NWBA Bylaws 9

a. Each of the Board Directors, including the President, shall be elected for four-year terms.


Article 4 – Section 1.C – Individual Membership Categories, Officials

Proposed By: NWBA Board of Directors

Proposed Bylaw:

c. Official Members. Official members are individuals who register as officials with the NWBA, and who are certified as officials to officiate wheelchair basketball games.

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