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2018-19 NWBA Membership Week Kicks Off With New Multi-Year Dues Structure

07/16/2018, 11:00am CDT

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - This is the official kick-off to the 2018-19 National Wheelchair Basketball Association Membership Week,  set for July 16 - 20. The NWBA will be communicating across multiple communication channels (; NWBA social networks; NWBA email) to best inform our members and those interested in wheelchair basketball the processes necessary to become a member of the NWBA in preparation of the 2018-19 season.

During the NWBA Board of Director’s Annual Meeting on June 15th, the board established a new multi-year membership dues structure through the 2023-24 NWBA season. The 2018-19 NWBA season will be the first year of this multi-year membership dues structure. After a complete analysis of the NWBA’s financial state, the NWBA Board of Directors approved this dues structure that sustains the overall health of the NWBA. The following is a summary of the news announcement shared with NWBA membership on June 16, click here to view the original article.

The dues structure provides NWBA teams an opportunity to plan its registration fees process locally for the foreseeable future. The Board of Directors’ focus was to contain increases for athletes where possible, in particular the Junior Division.

The NWBA fees for non-athletes is increased from the prior year, and the fee primarily covers the expense for background checks. It has not been a secret that the NWBA as an organization has been operating at a loss for several years. Reducing costs while increasing and diversifying revenue sources has been a priority of the new leadership for several years and has reduced the current operating deficit. That reduction, however, has not been sufficient.

“The deficit in not entirely on the backs of the membership, the Board is committed to continuing to cutting costs and seeing new avenues of sponsorship and individual donors,” said Sarah Castle, NWBA President. “The increase in revenue will provide the organization more opportunities in long-term planning and will provide more programmatic and grassroots support to the organization including players, coaches and officials’ training.”

The percentage of the budget reliant on membership fees is still well below the industry standard that other National Governing Bodies have.

Below is a table on the long-term NWBA Membership Dues Structure:

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