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2018-19 Event Sanction Application is Now Available

07/16/2018, 1:00pm CDT

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - The NWBA Membership Week starts with the Event Sanction Application becoming available for those interested in hosting a NWBA sanctioned event for the  2018-19 NWBA season. The Event Sanctioning Application allows individuals to apply to:

  • Host an NWBA game between two NWBA teams
  • NWBA tournament (more than two registered NWBA teams)
  • NWBA clinic/camp
  • NWBA fundraiser
  • and any other type of wheelchair basketball event involving NWBA members.

The following are newly adopted from the NWBA Policies and Procedures (Section 12: Sanctioned Events) for the 2018-19 NWBA season:

  1. The approval process for a NWBA sanctioned event requires a submission of an Event Sanction Application.

    1. An Event Sanction Application must be submitted at least 15 days prior to start of an event to provide full consideration as an NWBA sanctioned event. Events submitted 14 days or less prior to the start of an event may incur a $200 fine and not be approved as NWBA sanctioned events.

  2. NWBA sanctioned events must follow the following guidelines:

    1. Only NWBA registered athletes may participate. Only use active rosters generated from the team webpage on the NWBA website.

    2. Only NWBA registered teams may participate. Each registered team is only allowed to roster one team for each NWBA sanctioned event.

    3. Only NWBA registered non-athletes can sit on the bench of a team during competition. Reference team roster on NWBA website.

    4. Only NWBA registered floor officials may be used for competition. If an unregistered floor official works any portion of the sanctioned event, the game results will not count towards any postseason play.

    5. All scores must be submitted within 24 hours of the conclusion of an event. Score input is the responsibility of an Event or Tournament Director of an NWBA sanctioned event.

  3. Any infraction shall be reported to the NWBA Executive Director for investigation by the NWBA Ethics Committee.  Any infraction of a guideline from Section 12.2 may receive an imposed fine up to $500 and/or all competition results may be void from NWBA record and postseason consideration.

  4. Competition for NWBA sanctioned events for a regular season may start on October 1. Competition must be completed for consideration for postseason play as established by Divisional Guidelines and set forth each season by the NWBA.

Tournament designation is included in the Event Sanctioning Application. Hosts can choose whether the event is in consideration to be designated as a NWBA Classification Event, Junior Division Regional Qualifying Tournament, or NWBA Conference Tournament. Each of the tournament designations will be reviewed and approved by the necessary NWBA leadership committee.

A formal event sanctioning process ensures liability coverage of individuals, teams, host organizations and the NWBA. Another benefit is protecting the integrity of NWBA competition by confirming that NWBA registered teams participating in NWBA events.

Lastly, the event host will be provided an Event Resource Guide. The Event Resource Guide will include information to executing event operations, training materials for table officials, NWBA scorebook and a communication plan for an event. The NWBA is continually working to update and provide new reference materials available in the Event Resource Guide. The NWBA is excited to provide an updated 2018-19 NWBA Scorebook for NWBA registered teams and NWBA event sanction holders.

Make sure to check the NWBA Calendar for upcoming NWBA sanctioned events by clicking here. For a complete list of NWBA sanctioned events visit

The NWBA Membership Week is set for  July 16 - 20 to communicate with the members all the important information and updates for the upcoming season. The NWBA will be communicating across multiple communication channels (; NWBA social networks; NWBA email) to best inform our members and those interested in wheelchair basketball the processes necessary to become a member of the NWBA in preparation of the 2018-19 season.

If you have questions please contact Brandon McBeain, Director of Membership Services and Programs, at or (719) 266-4082 ext. 108.

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