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2018-19 NWBA Team Guide Book is Available Now

07/17/2018, 11:30am CDT

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - Day Two of NWBA Membership Week begins will the release of the NWBA Team Guide Book which is now available to download online. The 2018-19 Team Guide Book is a great resource for teams to use that outlines team operations, and highlights important information for competing in the NWBA. The book will help teams and administrators stay on track with dates, forms and other areas of compliance for teams.

The Team Guide Book details the various requirements of being a NWBA registered team. The Team Guide Book includes the following:

  • Board of Directors

  • Divisional Leadership

  • Membership Program Information

  • Season Checklist

  • Team Registration Dates

  • Division & Conference Dues

  • Team Payment Options

  • Team & Individual Forms

  • Classification Forms

  • Education and Training Material Access

  • Score App & Info

  • Member Discounts

The Team Guide Book includes links that allow members to access to all necessary forms. These links include access to team forms, individual forms, classification forms and individual registration.

The NWBA is excited to include a NWBA Scoring Guide in the Team Guide Book allowing teams to input scores on its team webpages and NWBA website. The Team Guide Book provides an overview of scoring process, options to score competition, step-by-step instructions and a user guide for troubleshooting support.

The Team Guide Book is an evergreen document that the NWBA will continue to add information and templates. Please make sure to visit the NWBA Resource Center at to download the updated version of the Team Guide Book.

The NWBA Membership Week is set for  July 16 - 20 to communicate with the members all the important information and updates for the upcoming season. The NWBA will be communicating across multiple communication channels (; NWBA social networks; NWBA email) to best inform our members and those interested in wheelchair basketball the processes necessary to become a member of the NWBA in preparation of the 2018-19 season.

For questions, please contact Brandon McBeain, Director of Membership Services and Programs, at  

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