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For New and Returning Members: 2018-19 NWBA Individual Membership & Registration Process

07/18/2018, 5:00pm CDT

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – The third day of NWBA Membership Week features an overview of the registration process to become a NWBA member for 2018-19. The NWBA is excited to implement a new and simple registration process to establish a membership platform for the NWBA. Each NWBA registered member will receive a unique membership number/ID. This membership number remain theirs regardless of their membership status being active or inactive with the NWBA.

The NWBA will continue recognize a valid term of membership to be August 1 to July 31 of the following year. Starting August 1, all individuals must have a valid NWBA membership to complete a registration on the NWBA website. This ensures the safeguard that only NWBA members are able to complete registrations for NWBA operations. If you are not an NWBA member, you will be automatically prompted to complete a membership when attempting to complete registrations on the NWBA website.

The new membership platform will also assist with team/league management tools, analyzing data and ease of completing registration for future seasons. The NWBA is excited to be working with SportsEngine on the prospect of services and products that will become available to NWBA members.

You will need a SportsEngine account to complete all registrations with the NWBA. If you already have a SportsEngine account, click here to learn how to login. If you have forgot your password to your SportsEngine account, click here to reset your password. If you need to create a SportsEngine account, click here to create a SportsEngine account.

All individuals must have a verified complete NWBA Athlete and/or Non-Athlete Registration 10 days prior to their first competition at a NWBA sanctioned event. All individuals registering within 10 days of an NWBA sanctioned event will NOT be eligible to participate.

A Complete Athlete Registration includes any additional required documentation as outlined in Divisional Guidelines. A Complete Non-Athlete Registration includes the successful completion of the following certifications:

  • Background Check

  • Safe Sport Certification

  • Coaches Certification (if applicable)

  • Officials Certification (if applicable)

  • Team Reviewer Certification (if applicable)

More information will provide when available regarding the process of obtaining and updating certifications with the NWBA.

A Membership Fee Waiver Request is available for, however not limited to, individuals with significant financial hardship. Please submit a summary of your request to Brandon McBeain at

The NWBA Membership Week is set for  July 16 - 20 to communicate with the members all the important information and updates for the upcoming season. The NWBA will be communicating across multiple communication channels (; NWBA social networks; NWBA email) to best inform our members and those interested in wheelchair basketball the processes necessary to become a member of the NWBA in preparation of the 2018-19 season.

If you have questions please contact Brandon McBeain, Director of Membership Services and Programs,at or (719) 266-4082 ext 108.


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