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An Open Letter to the Junior Division

10/03/2018, 3:45pm CDT

Message from Commissioner Mike Bauler & President Chris Rathje

Greetings Junior Division and NWBA Community,

Commissioner Mike and President Chris here.

The 2018-2019 season is finally here, and it has the potential to be our most historic one yet! We are excited about the new, emerging programs in Kansas City, Florida, and Southern Arizona.  It is incredibly rewarding to see the opportunity of sport reach new populations of student-athletes.

The 2017-18 season wrapped up with dozens of thrilling games in Louisville, KY.  The Prep competition saw some of the most dynamic, detailed games played before an energizing audience. What does 2018-19 hold for the electric Final Four of Charlotte, Minnesota, LWSRA, and Lakeshore?  As a batch of proven Prep players moves up to Varsity, the stage is set for new stars to emerge throughout a fun, challenging season.

The same can be said for the Varsity Division.  Three of the top four finishers from April 2018 have major adjustments to adapt to. This rings especially true for the former teams of the many talented players who took their talents to the Intercollegiate Division, including Coach Jordan of the WASA Bucks.  How will BlazeSports, WASA, and Indy change their plans of attack?

Houston brings back many talented players, and they have a real possibility of finishing undefeated for back-to-back seasons. Only time will tell as we wait to see the results.

Every student-athlete who takes the court this season will train, play and carry themselves like a winner. What matters most is that our student-athletes learn, grow and have fun.

Let the games begin!


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