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2019 NWBA Adult Division Power Rankings- February

02/21/2019, 9:00pm CST

West Coast Teams make a "Big Push" in the rankings - Jazz, Sonics and Clippers

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – The Adult Division Executive Committee has announced the 2019 February Rankings for Adult Division I, Adult Division II and Adult Division III.

Adult Division I —The top five teams in Adult Division I remain the same from the January Rankings except for one team that made a major jump in the rankings. The Utah Wheelin' Jazz made an impressive progression going from the No.12 team in the January Power Rankings to cracking the top five and coming in as the No. 3 team in the February Power Rankings.

Adult Division II –While we have a different team from January's Power Rankings taking the No.1 spot, the top five still includes the same teams but a little jockeying in current positions. The LA Hotwheels edged out the rest of the teams and is our No.1 Adult Division II team for February. The Los Angeles Clippers Chairmen make a huge push to move up nine spots and secure a top 10 position in this months rankings.

Adult Division III – The Austin Rec'ers keep the No.1 spot in Adult Division III for the second consecutive month. Another team that had some strong performances this month was the Shasta Lakers, who rounded out the top five. The Seattle Sonics also made a nice push this month to jump five spots from the No.12 to the No.7 seed in the power rankings.

The Adult Division I, II and III Power Rankings are provided monthly to the NWBA by the Adult Division Executive Committee. The top 16 ranked teams for each Adult Division will earn an invite to their division's national tournament that is part of the Toyota National Championship Series. The Toyota National Adult Division I Wheelchair Basketball Tournament presented by ABC Medical will be held March 22-24 in Cleveland, OH; Toyota National Adult Division II Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, March 15-17 in Cleveland, OH; Toyota National Adult Division III Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, April 5-7 in Chicago, IL. The 48 teams from the three Adult Divisions will battle it out for three coveted national titles.

2019 Adult Division I February Rankings

1. New York Rollin' Knicks

2. Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks

3. Utah Wheelin' Jazz

4. Sacramento Rollin' Kings

5. MedStar NRH Punishers

6. University of Arizona Wildcats

7. Toronto Rollin' Raptors

8. NMCSD Wolfpack

9. Albuquerque Kings

10. Milwaukee Wheelchair Bucks

11. Golden State Road Warriors

12. TIRR Memorial Hermann Hotwheels

13. Denver Rolling Nuggets

14. Mary Free Bed Pacers

15. Shepherd Stealers

16. Seattle Sonics

17. Miami Heat Wheels

18. RIC Hornets

19. Kansas City Predators

20. Memphis Rollin' Grizzlies


2019 Adult Division II February Rankings

1. LA Hotwheels

2. Austin Rec'ers

3. Ft. Lauderdale Sharks

4. Rancho Renegades Elite

5. Tampa Bay Strong Dogs

6. Toronto Rollin' Raptors

7. Magee Spokesmen

8. Nassau Kings

9. Los Angeles Clippers Chairmen

10. Tucson Lobos

11. LWSRA Hawks

12. Wisconsin Thunder

13. Courage Rolling Timberwolves

14. Madonna Magic

15. Charlottesville Cardinals

16. Triangle Thunder

17. Sportable Rim Riders

18. RIM Foundation Detroit Diehards

19. Connecticut Spokebenders

20. Pittsburgh Steelwheelers


2019 Adult Division III February Rankings

1. Austin Rec'ers

2. Columbus WC Basketball Club

3. Mobile Patriots

4. Rockford Chariots

5. Shasta Lakers

6. Ability 360 Phoenix WC Suns

7. Seattle Sonics

8. Brooks Ballers

9. Auburn Tigers

10. Shepherd Stealers

11. LWSRA Hawks

12. TIRR Memorial Hermann Hotwheels

13. Fayetteville Flyers

14. Orlando Magic Wheels

15. Turnstone Bandits

16. Mary Free Bed Drive

17. Brooklyn Nets

18. Chicago Skyhawks

19. Team St. Lukes

20. Corpus Christi RIMZ

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