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Non-Team Affiliated

Participation Requirements
All individuals must have a verified complete NWBA Athlete and/or Non-Athlete Registration prior to engaging in any activities with the NWBA.

  • Complete Athlete (Adult and Junior) Registration includes the completion of:
    • U.S. Center for SafeSport Training (ages 18+)
    • Any additional documentation required by Divisional Guidelines
  • Complete Non-Athlete Registration includes the successful completion of:
    • Background Check
    • U.S. Center for SafeSport Training
    • Coaches Certification (if applicable)
    • Officials Certification (if applicable)
    • Team Reviewer Certification (if applicable)

Team Affiliated
All COMPLETE (see requirements above) Athlete (Junior and Adult) and Non-Athlete Registrations who are affiliated with a team will be included on their team roster.

Non-Athletes (No Team Affiliated)

  • All Non-Athlete Registrations of individuals currently serving in a role NOT affiliated with a team are included in the list below.
  • ONLY the individuals listed below with a "Yes" Status have completed the SafeSport Training requirement and are eligible to participate in NWBA activities. 

Per the SafeSport Code and NWBA MAAPP, all non-athletes that are not affiliated with a team  (i.e. officials, board members, etc.) and all non-members affiliated with the NWBA (i.e. NWBA employees) are required to complete SafeSport training. A list of these people is required to be available for the public, which is made accessible below. 

Applicable Adults (Non-Members)

  • All Applicable Adults (as defined in the MAAPP) who are not NWBA members are also included in the list below.
  • ONLY the individuals listed below with an “Active” Status have completed all the eligibility requirements and are eligible to participate in NWBA activities.