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Junior Division Forms

Junior Division Forms

The forms listed below are used for operations within the Junior Division of the NWBA.

Birth Certificate

The NWBA requires all athletes of the Junior Division to provide a copy of their birth certificate upon initial registration with the NWBA. This is a one-time submission; athletes returning from a previous year of competition are exempt from this form requirement.

Minimal Disability - Junior Division

In order to be eligible for play in the NWBA, an athlete must have a lasting lower extremity disability that consistently interferes with mobility as quantified by standard medical examination and/or testing. Such conditions may include, but are not limited to, paralysis, amputation, radiological evidence of limb shortening, and partial to full joint ankylosis or replacement. Findings such as soft tissue contracture, ligamentous instability, edema or disuse atrophy, or symptoms such as pain or numbness without other objective findings shall not be considered a lasting lower extremity disability.

All junior division athletes that are looking to play in the NWBA under our minimal disability rule must complete the form by selecting the link above.

High School Verification Form

Any athlete 21 years or under as of September 30th, currently enrolled in high school is eligible to compete in the junior division. Eligibility will wend with high school graduation/completion of a high school program. To verify an athlete’s eligibility please fill out the high school verification form by selecting the link above.

Prep Exemption Form

All players 13 and up (still in high school) with significant neurological (i.e. muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy) and/or cognitive disabilities (i.e. cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida with hydrocephalus/shunt malfunctions) which affect mobility, coordinated movement, strength, and endurance.

  • These athletes will be reviewed by the Junior Division Executive Committee for eligibility.
  • An athlete meeting these requirements cannot compete in any tournament in the Varsity Division.
  • At the start of their first competition, these players must be reviewed and have consent from at least two coaches of opposing teams to remain in the Prep Division. At the start of the players first competition, these players must be reviewed and have consent from at least two coaches of opposing teams to remain in the Prep Division.

Varsity Player Exemption Application

The following is application for Varsity Player Exemption Application for the NWBA Junior Division. This application allows athletes of the Junior Division to submit petitions and exemptions for consideration of additional year of eligibility and team placement.

Please review the Junior Division Guidelines, Article II. Membership, Section 2.01 Eligibility of Membership for more details on eligibility and team placement for athletes of the Junior Division. For the complete Junior Division Guidelines please visit