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Nike Player of Month

Nike Player of the Month

This purpose of this program is to give recognition to NWBA players across all divisions. The winners of the NWBA Nike Player of the Month awards will receive a Nike Dri-Fit NWBA branded t-shirt, with NWBA media channels recognition.

The program is run from October to April. Nominations are due the first Monday of each month for the prior month’s awards. For example, November’s nominations are due Monday, December 4th. All applications are due no later than 12:00 p.m. MT. the following Monday.

Nominations are open to the public and submitted via the Nike Player of the Month Nomination Form found at the bottom of this page.

Applications should be sent to Brandon McBeain  

Deadlines for nominations:

October 30;

December 4;

January 2;

February 5;

March 5; and

April 2

How does this work? Once the nominations are received, all nominees will be posted on the NWBA Website’s new page “Nike Player of the Month,” which is under the Leagues tab. The NWBA will post a story on the NWBA website and utilize the NWBA social networks to promote the week-long voting period, which will be done online. Individuals may promote the Athlete of the Month page to their peers as well across an athlete’s social channels.

Once the voting has concluded, the winners will be announced on the NWBA website. Each month, if nominations are received, the NWBA will recognize the following athletes per division:

Junior Division: One Varsity player and One Prep player

Intercollegiate Division: One player (either men’s or women’s athlete)

Women’s Division: One player

Adult Division: One Adult Division I player, One Adult Division II player and One Adult Division III player