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Current Nominees - NWBA Nike Player of the Month

Women's Division Nominees

Gail Gaeng of Chicago, IL and the LWSRA Lady Hawks

  • Tournament MVP of the 2018 National Women's Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
  • Led the LWSRA Lady Hawks in scoring throughout the tournament to help the team finish in third place

Adult Division I Nominees

No nominations received. 

Adult Division II Nominees

No nominations received.

Adult Division III Nominees

No nominations received. 

Intercollegiate Division Nominees

Hunter Alvis of Mobile, AL and Auburn University

  • Averaged a double-double (21 ppg and 11 apg) through the 2018 National Intercollegiate Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
  • Highest scoring game in the tournament was 28 points, highest rebounding game was 13 rebounds

Michael Auprince of Sydney, Australia and the University of Alabama - Men

  • Named the Men's Tournament MVP of the 2018 National Intercollegiate Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
  • Averaged 22 ppg and 12 rpg throughout the tournament
  • Helped lead the University of Alabama to win the championship in the 2018 NIWBT

Rose Hollermann of Elysian, Minnesota and University of Texas at Arlington - Women

  • Named the 2018 National Intercollegiate Wheelchair Basketball Tournament Women’s most valuable player
  • Scored 30 points in the championship game to help lead UTA to become the Women's Tournament Champions

Junior Varsity Division Nominees

Chauncey Wulf of Decatur, IL and the Peoria Wildcats

  • Averaged 16.6 ppg, 11.7 rpg and 3.8 spg this season
  • Led his team in points and rebounds per game, leading to the Peoria Wildcats to their first state championship in franchise history

Carrington Marendes of Woodville, TX and the TIRR Memorial Hermann Hotwheels

  • Averaged 20 ppg, 11 rpg, 6 apg and 3 spg this season
  • As a team captain, his leadership on and off the court has been key for his team as they earned the number one seed for the National Tournament in Louisville.

Junior Prep Division Nominees

Adam Smith of Marvin, NC and Charlotte Rollin' Hornets Prep - Purple

  • Described as the defensive stopper on his team, meaning that he will almost always defend the opponents' best player
  • He is a go-to scorer that plays well off the ball and often sets 5-6 pick in a play