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Player Transfer

Player Transfers

An Application for Player Transfer is required for any player considering playing on a different team than the one they played on last season. You must complete this application to submit Player Transfer Request, no other forms will be consider. 

You will be contacted via email once your transfer has been reviewed and a decision has been made. 

A player may NOT play for a new team in NWBA competition until notification of approval of an Application of Player Transfer Request has been received via email notification. An unapproved player participating in games prior to the Division Commissioner's decision may result in sanctions for the player and the team.

Transfer requests are not required for Prep players moving to the Varsity team in the same program. Off-season transfers must be completed by August 1st. In-season transfers must be completed by December 31st.

Please review the NWBA Policies & Procedures and Division Guidelines for more information on player transfers.