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NWBA's Return to Play

NWBA's Return to Play

The NWBA took very intentional and systematic approach to seeking input from athletes, other members, divisional leadership and other stakeholders on the NWBA’s return to play for the 2020-21 season. This included a membership survey, team representative survey and ongoing dialogue with divisional leadership/local organizing committees. See below for a visual of the surveys, meetings/discussions and input received evaluating the NWBA's approach to Returning to Play. 

Survey Feedback & Action

Team Rep Survey Feedback

-Team Reps projected minimal impact on registrations (1 in 10) : NWBA reaction - Provide a 2020-21 season
-Requested prefered webinar topics: NWBA reaction - Provide webinars on topics

Membership Survey Feedback

-8 in 10 Members stated intent to compete at some level​: NWBA reaction - Provide a 2020-21 season; also adjusted divisional deadlines to support team's return to play timeline

-2/3 of above group intend to compete fully (including Nationals)​: NWBA reaction - Provide a 2020-21 nationals dates/locations;  also created flexibility to dates with host if necessary

-1/3 of Members say they have had an employment impact due to COVID​: NWBA reaction - Freeze Membership Dues for Individuals & Teams AND eliminate all late fees

Primary Areas to Determine Your Return to Play in the NWBA

Due to vast geographic spread of NWBA Membership, primary focus must be on the following:​

  • Understand guidance from local health organization (e.g. City, County, State)​

  • Adhere to guidance of your parent organizations (e.g. Hospital, Parks & Recreation Association, University, etc.)​

  • In lieu of above, follow guidance from Centers for Disease Control (CDC)​

Additional Considerations in Your Return to Play in the NWBA

Be Diligent, Be Accountable​

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is a generational global impact that requires diligence and respect. Each Team and Member must display the highest consideration for the direction of local health authority​

Understand the Risk​

  • Centers for Disease Control classifies Basketball as a "close contact" sport ​

  • Only you understand your risk factors​

  • If you have concerns, seek the opinion of a professional​

Respect the game, your program and your teammates​


  • It’s important to note there will not be coverage for liability and accident claims related to COVID-19 regardless of timing, return-to-play protocols or government mandate.​

  • Communicable Disease are common insurance exclusions, where pandemics are also traditionally not covered.​

Divisional Season Details & Postseason Timelines

The divisional leadership exercised their own governance in establishing flexibility within their divisional guidelines to accommodate the following season details and postseason timeline for the 2020-21 NWBA season.