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Division & Team Contact Information

Junior Prep

The Junior Prep Division provides the opportunity for all players age 13 and under to experience the sport of wheelchair basketball using a basket height of 8.5 feet.

Junior - Prep Division

Junior 10' (Varsity)

The Junior 10 foot (Varsity) Division uses full size basketball courts and hoops. This level typically introduces advanced skills to the athletes. Athletes are eligible to a maximum age and must be in school.

Division I

Formerly known as Championship Division. Allows the elite level and experienced individuals and teams to play at the highest level competition.

Division II

Allows the experienced and more developed players and teams to play mid-level competition.  

Division III

Allows newer players and newer or lesser developed teams the ability to play at a developmental or recreational level.

Intercollegiate Women's

The Intercollegiate Women's Division features some of the best college level women athletes.

Intercollegiate Men's

The Intercollegiate Men's Division features some of the best college level men athletes.