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The Rebound

The Rebound

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About the film: The Rebound is a documentary film (76min) that follows the underdog journey of the Miami Heat Wheels wheelchair basketball team, in their quest for their first-ever NWBA National Championship, despite the team’s challenges on and off the court. Three athletes rally their team towards the title while striving for their own dreams, on and off the court.  In a city renowned for its sports and diversity, the Heat Wheels have an opportunity for second chances, and to win against all odds.



The NWBA is proud to be an Official Partner of THE REBOUND with a shared mission to increase awareness and expanding participation in wheelchair basketball at all levels. A portion of proceeds from sales will benefit the NWBA.


From first-time Director and DP Shaina Allen, the movie has screened at more than twenty film festivals and fifty special screenings, received numerous awards, and has been piloted successfully in schools and university research studies.

"The secret weapon of The Rebound – the reason why this movie affects you so deeply, even if you don’t care about sports – lies within the personal stories of the players."

- R. Rodriguez

Miami Herald

This is a groundbreaking documentary with a strong impact incredibly inspiring sports doc!

-S. Levine