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Dr. Tim Nugent

The Dr. Tim Nugent Endowment is focused on continuing Dr. Nugent's legacy of providing access to sport for people with disabilities. Proceeds from the endowment will support:

  • Individuals getting started in the game
  • New teams getting started in the game

What Dr. Nugent passionately believed in 1949 is true today: wheelchair basketball improves quality of life for those who play! The NWBA has grown significantly since then, and since day 1 the primary source of funds has been individual donations. See the impact of those donations below:

A Lifetime Of Impact

Dr. Nugent demonstrated a lifetime of commitment to disability rights, accessibility and the advancement of People With Disabilities. He knew that what was common was their ability to accomplish great things, and that the only difference was how. Below are just several of his many impactful contributions to a movement for equality.