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Governance Documents


The NWBA Bylaws (linked below) includes 20 Articles:

1. Name, 2. Office, 3. Mission, Values and Purposes, 4. Membership, 5. Board of Directors, 6. Board of Directors Officers, 7. Board of Directors Meetings, 8. Committees, 9. Divisions, 10. Annual Assembly, 11. NWBA Athletes Advisory Council, 12. USOPC Athlete Advisory Council, 13. Executive and Management Staff, 14. Grievance Procedures, 15. USOPC National Governing Body Status Organization, 16. Sanctioning Events, 17. Records of the Corporation, 18. Policies, 19. Fiduciary and Financial Matters, 20. Miscellaneous Provisions

CURRENT NWBA Bylaws - Revised April 1, 2022

Current version of the Bylaws

NWBA Bylaws - Revised July 1, 2021

Previous version of the Bylaws

NWBA Policies & Procedures

Please follow the link below for the current NWBA Policies & Procedures document approved by the NWBA Board of Directors.

The NWBA Policies & Procedures includes five Articles--Field of Play, Committees, Membership Ethics, Anti-Doping and Rules as well as the following:

  • Appendix A:  Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Appendix B:  Gifts & Entertainment Policy
  • Appendix C:  Whistleblower Policy
  • Appendix D:  Code of Conduct
  • Appendix E:  Background Check Policy
  • Appendix F:  Athlete Gender Eligibility Policy

NWBA Financial Policies and Procedures

NWBA Employee Handbook

NWBA Strategic Plan